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Gideon’s New Vision

Photo Credit Orie McGinness

Photo Credit Orie McGinness

Have you ever listened to an album and every word felt like it was written for you? This is what happened with Gideon’s “Cold” released on Equal Vision Records. This is an album I have wanting them to release for the past 4 years.

“Cursed” brings a new energy and heaviness to this band. Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose adds a different element. The lyrics “I was washed in the pain

redeemed by suffering” stand out to me. Pay attention to the various guitar tones. “Champions” is a classic Gideon song that old and new fans will head bang to. The tempo changes and lyrics are pronounced.    “Freedom” starts with the lyrics “Freedom over fear,” then goes into a classic hardcore upbeat tempo. This song empowers the listeners to rise above their situation and persevere. I imagine fists in the air when this song is played live.

Other songs that stand out are “The Game,” “Thick or Thin,” and “Walk Alone.”

“Cold” is a well-balanced record. There are plenty of breakdowns but they aren’t over done or repetitive. It was refreshing to hear the variety of instrumental sounds in each song. Lyrically, this album builds on “Calloused” that range from empowering the listeners to rise above their situation and dealing with difficult relationships. The vocals have an added intensity and range I haven’t heard on previous albums. Both guest vocals are blended well within each song.

My favorite song on this album is “Cursed.” The introduction mixed with deep lyrics had me hooked.  “Cold” is Gideon’s best record, yet. They continue to improve in the mastery of their craft. They continue to separate themselves with a unique sound from bands within their genre. Go purchase this record.  I am rating this a 4.5 out of 5. 

You can pick up “Cold” at this link .

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