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Sleeping Giant’s “Legacy of Praise”

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I remember it like yesterday, the first time I heard Sleeping Giant. I saw them open for Demon Hunter and was hooked. When they sang “Don’t you judge me. Don’t you dare.” I was profoundly impacted and felt welcomed and loved. I felt the Holy Spirit in a different way. I had to have more.

Sleeping Giant has had a unique style of worship that has captured hearts and brought people to Christ around the world. Many people may confuse their music as just noise or even demonic. These few are missing out on a band whose mission has been to bring the Gospel to many people who don’t feel welcome in any church.

Sleeping Giant has made music that brings freedom, freedom for people to worship wide open with everything they are, while at the same time being honestly and lovingly convicted to change their sinful nature.

Sleeping Giant’s live shows have felt more like church than a concert even though they were held in clubs. There has always been a powerful unifying spirit among those in attendance at their concerts. Many concert goers have left the venues with a burning fire within them motivating them to grow in their ability to walk with God and love their communities and themselves more courageously.

This band’s music has always been alive and listeners have felt God’s hands reaching out and comforting them through it. This band has presented bold convictions and shared powerful testimonies of changed lives through Christ.

As Sleeping Giant releases “I Am,” its final album, it is the perfect closure that fans will enjoy. This is a blend of every album released. This album is full of influential vocalists including Mattie Montgomery of For Today, Garrett Russell of Silent Planet, Ryan Clark of on Demon Hunter, and more. This is the heaviest lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally I have heard Sleeping Giant. I highly recommend listening to “Preach Core Lives,” “No Love,” and “Fly. Fight. Crow.” It is fitting their new record is released on Facedown Records, a label, that prides itself on being a family more than a business.

I have seen Sleeping Giant numerous times and was honored to interview one of my heroes, Tommy Green. Their profound legacy will only grow through time. I can’t possibly put into words how much I love Sleeping Giant.

Go purchase “I Am” at Facedown Records, Amazon, and iTunes.

What is your favorite song and memory from Sleeping Giant?

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