Emma VanEtten

Emma VanEtten is a 31 year old stay at home mom (for now) with a strong passion for music, art, and connecting with all kinds of people. She craves diversity and it shows in her musical tastes. Emma has lived in Virginia Beach, VA for about half of her life and currently resides with her daughter in Ewing, VA, a tiny town in the Appalachian mountains.
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AMN March Playlist

This month’s playlist may be my favorite yet, starting with “Spring” by Two Door Cinema Club. Spring happens to be my favorite season, representing new life, in the form of flowers and animals, and long awaited warm weather which goes right along with what Anchor Music News is really good at, introducing music lovers to … Continue reading

AMN February Playlist

  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of this cold winter weather. This months playlist starts with “Cold” by Brooklyn artist, Nick Hakim. “Winter” is from a 2006 acoustic album, by the amazing Bayside. “Weather” is a beautiful song by Novo Amor, from his 2014 EP Woodgate, NY. Next is a song … Continue reading

AMN December Playlist

December’s playlist starts with……The Decemberists! Because…….it’s December! Genius, right? No? Ok, well “Anti-Summersong”, from their latest album called “What A Terrible World, What A  Beautiful World” is for all of the crazy winter lovers out there.  Next is a singer, Myke Terry, who you may be familiar with as a metal vocalist, as he has … Continue reading

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