Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is 35 years old and lives in Orange, Texas. He is happily married and has a son and daughter who are the light of his life! Jeff currently is employed as a production operator at Dupont and plays the drums in a local Christian rock band 70times7. 70times7 are affiliated with B.U.M.M.(Beaumont Underground Metal Movement) which is a local promotion group leading the local metal scene. He accuired a passion for music at a young age and has been involved in bands and recording since the age of 13. Jeff pursues writing music and writing about music including latest artists and latest album releases. Some of Jeff’s favorite bands include 311, Helmet, God Lives Underwater, The Melvins, Sleeping Giant, and Deftones.
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THE SLUDGE IS BACK!!! To the avid Melvins’ fan it is quite common to understand that a new album is always coming out around the corner. What version of the Melvins you are going to get is sometimes up in the air, but you can guarantee King Buzzo (Buzz Osborne) and Dale Crover are going … Continue reading

Echosmith’s “Talking Dreams” Album Review

  From time to time whether you find yourself doing house chores or simply getting ready to start your day there is a “go to” artist or album that will get you through the task at hand or the boost to start your day.  Listeners will find Echosmith’s 2013 release, “Talking Dreams”,  to be one of … Continue reading

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