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Jeremy Boyum is a 24 year old entrepreneur who fell in love with music at the age of 13. He fell in love with business in high school and has been passionately pursuing the idea of combining the two into one ever since. Always rooting for the underdog, he created Anchor Music News to provide a platform for artists (both major and independent) to broadcast media and news to new and attentive audiences. When he isn’t pitching about something, he is rocking out with his band, hanging out with his beautiful wife, or if time allows it, sleeping. Some of his favorite artists are Relient K, Sum 41, Blink-182, We Caught The Castle, Fans of Faye, Envoi, and Olivia the Band.
Jeremy Boyum has written 80 posts for Anchor Music News

PREMIERE: Bryan Howell’s “Angel From The Lonely Coast”

It’s not everyday you run into a rock-and-roller as young, dedicated and talented as Bryan Howell, which is why we are excited to premiere the latest track “Angel From The Lonely Coast” from of his upcoming full-length album “Take The Risk” We are now mere days away from the albums August 5th release date and this track … Continue reading

A Quick Note About Home Above’s New Album “If Anything Will”

It’s fantastic! Listen to it and then buy it. (not necessarily in that order) here’s the listen/buy link: https://homeabove.bandcamp.com/album/if-anything-will  

7 Reasons Why Lions & Tigers Will Be a Breakout Band in 2016

I will admit, I was honored when I got asked to review this EP. I have a huge amount of respect for Lions & Tigers and I’ll get into a little more of why later in this article. But I figured that instead of writing a bunch of long paragraphs (that, lets be honest, most … Continue reading

Alright, The Happy Alright, You’ve Got My Attention!

Not verbatim, but I believe this is pretty much the best way music can be discovered. A friend of mine recently introduced me to Sterling Gavinski, lead singer and guitarist for pop/punk’s The Happy Alright. (THA) Since then, I’ve been handed the pleasure of being asked to write my thoughts on the subject of their upcoming EP “Vacancies”, … Continue reading

Jacob Andrew Opens Up About His Car Accident

I’m blessed by the grace of God to be able to walk away from this with nothing but a bloody nose and concussion… judging by the damage and my memory of what happened, I should be in a lot worse shape… Continue reading

Jacob Andrew Rants About a Lack of Support in Music Scene

Singer/Songwriter Jacob Andrew and I were kicking the can around the other day about what he has been up to lately with his bounding music career. We got on to the subject about the local music scene and being a DIY musician. I think the contents of this discussion would relate to just about everybody who has worked hard to get where they are. Continue reading

Why Are So Many Bands Breaking Up This Year?

My friend Jacob recently tagged me in a comment on a Facebook post that highlights an article from Rock Feed titled “Why Are So Many Bands Breaking Up This Year?” I was unable to reply to the comment so I figured I would just discuss my thoughts here. Continue reading

Who Knew Tortilla Records Were a Thing?

One genius of an individual decided he was curious enough to make this happen. So he did, and now it’s a thing. And the world just keeps getting better. Continue reading

SoWhat?! Music Festival Just Got Real with Their Latest Announcement!

Who else wishes it was 2016 already?! Let’s be honest, we all knew this was going to be real the moment Mike Ziemer announced Underoath is headlining 2016’s So What?! Music Festival (#SoWhatMF) alongside The Devil Wears Prada and Beartooth. And if you didn’t know it then, you certainly knew something was going down when … Continue reading

My Goodness, This Video Might Kick Your Teeth In

Seattle rock band My Goodness are preparing for a busy spring and summer touring the U.S. and in anticipation for the upcoming dates they’ve premiered a new video for their latest single, “Sweet Tooth,” at Relix.com. The song is featured on the band’s new record, Shiver + Shake, which can be purchased at Amazon and … Continue reading

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