Marcellus Coleman is a California native who moved to Oklahoma in 2011 to attend Victory School of Leadership and began taking courses at Southwestern Christian University, majoring in Christian Leadership. Composing since 2005, Coleman has continued to pursue arranging, recording, and performing original compositions at university, churches, coffee shops, and other various events. Coleman hopes to one day be a creative lobbyist, bringing together all variations of musical talent, propelling new artists into the public’s eye.
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Aidan Carroll Shares His Vision

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Aidan Carroll hit me up on social media about promoting his debut album “Original Vision.” Through conversation I found out we know some of the same people, but what I didn’t know was how many nuggets of wisdom he would share with me in this conversation. He shares his journey … Continue reading

A Bass Only A Mother Could Love with Cody Wright

Asheville, NC – Cody Wright is the bass player for ROPEADOPE’s quartet turned trio Jonathan Scales & The Fourchestra. He shares with me about his transition to guitar and bass, his unique style, and his upcoming release A BASS ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE. Tell me about your musical origins and how that affects your … Continue reading

Are You Ready for Hildegard?!!!!

NEW ORLEANS, LA – I got a chance to see experimental powerhouse HILDEGARD perform live at a venue with LA’s KNOWER and ADAM & KIZZIE and was absolutely floored with their performance. I got to talk with Cliff Hines and Sasha Masakowski; and they discussed with me their shift from being an alternative jazz band … Continue reading

Quick Chat with KNOWER

LOS ANGELES, CA – Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi may not be household names but as of late they’ve made a huge dent in the music scene. With loud praises from legend Quincy Jones and an eclectic live performance (complete with crazy video sequences that go with every song in the set), you’ll be knowing … Continue reading

Alan Hampton On Fire

NEW YORK, NY – Alan Hampton is a seasoned multi-instrumentalist. With one critically acclaimed project under his belt, several collaborations later (Gretchen Parlato, Derrick Hodge, Andrew Bird, Kendrick Scott, among several others) he is back to talk with us about his upcoming sophomore project set to release November 4th. Who is Alan Hampton? I grew … Continue reading

Good Times With Good Culture!

OKLAHOMA CITY – Good Culture is a band that screams ‘get up and have fun.’ With their self titled debut EP, with no song under 95 BPM, this band drives to compel people to dance. I got a chance to talk with multi-instrumentalist band liaison Kenny Moore. He shares what’s behind the name, the band’s … Continue reading

Josh Guthrie Makes Some Noise!

DUNCAN, OK – Josh Guthrie is a singer/songwriter hailing from a rural town in Oklahoma. He talks about his sound, the movement The Noise, his single “We Are Free,” and working as a team with his wife. Who is Josh Guthrie? I like things to be simple but I also like things to be excellent. … Continue reading

Cooki Turner Shares Her Heart

OKLAHOMA CITY – Cooki Turner is a veteran artist and released her debut EP “Heart of Me Vol. 1” earlier this year. Her two singles include the inspiring “Try” and contemplative yet groovy “Take Me Away.” She talks with us about her singles, recording her debut, and her philosophy of showmanship. Who is Cooki Turner? … Continue reading

Chantae Cann Interview

ATLANTA, GA – Chantae Cann is an indie singer/songwriter who has shared the stage with countless artists and musicians including Snarky Puppy (Family Dinner), Robert Glasper, among a host of others and is currently one of the touring singers with India.Arie. She shares with us why music heals, the importance of inspiration in her life, … Continue reading

Bill Laurance Interview

LONDON, ENGLAND – I had the awesome opportunity to interview one of the founding members and current pianist for band Snarky Puppy. Bill Laurance, an artist in his own rite, took some time and chatted with me while in the studio working on his upcoming sophomore release. (As you can tell, I was geeked when … Continue reading

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