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Kings Kaleidoscope “A Little Bit of Faith” Single Review

“Oh it’s going to be okay with a little bit of faith” lyrics are a constant reminder to me that all I need is a small amount of faith to conqueror life’s trials. I can’t do anything without God’s grace. This song serves as a simple, yet convicting reminder that I need to be more patient and let go of control. This song can be summed up in one … Continue reading

Demon Hunter’s Legendary Album

How many of us wait years for a record and when it’s delivered your expectations are exceeded? This is my reaction to Demon Hunter’s ninth studio album “War.” This record showcases their sound and provides a glimpse into their continued evolution. “War” shows that Demon Hunter isn’t going anywhere. The song “On My Side” highlights … Continue reading

Album Review: Postcards From The Moon’s “Me Without You” EP

San Antonio pop punk group, Postcards From The Moon, is set to release their second EP titled “Me Without You” on April 5th, 2019. I got a chance to listen to it ahead of time and I can tell you know you’re in for a real treat. Blending sounds of  bands like Rocket To The Moon, Yellowcard and … Continue reading

JOY – No Light Below – Album Review

After a year of waiting, JOY‘s newest release “No Light Below” is finally here. My initial thoughts were “Holy heck, this album is really good.” Andrew seems to have really grown as a vocalist from their last album. “Of Nothing” was great but Andrew’s vocals feel much stronger and his lows feel much heavier. Usually … Continue reading

Influence Music Touches Heaven

How many albums have you listened to and discovered each song uniquely speaking to you? Influence Music’s new record Touching Heaven has done this for me. While listening to the song “Kingdom” on this album, I felt like it was written just for me. Being fully embraced by God no matter where we are is … Continue reading

Failed To Study Release A+ New Single, “Midnight”

Failed To Study, a female fronted rock band out of California has been steady making moves since 2016. From national tours to releasing new music, FTS has been all over the place. They’re keeping the momentum rolling with the release of their latest single, “Midnight”. “Depression, anxiety, mental illnesses are all real issues that effect … Continue reading

Sleeping Giant’s “Legacy of Praise”

I remember it like yesterday, the first time I heard Sleeping Giant. I saw them open for Demon Hunter and was hooked. When they sang “Don’t you judge me. Don’t you dare.” I was profoundly impacted and felt welcomed and loved. I felt the Holy Spirit in a different way. I had to have more. … Continue reading

Zack Keim’s “First Step”

Zack Keim is a talented, up and coming musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was first introduced through his band Nox Boys. This release separates itself from that music. There is a classic, singer songwriter sound to this record. It reminds me of a mixture of Dan Layus, Bob Dylan, and Jack White. “Open Your Doorway” … Continue reading

Dayseeker’s Thought Provoking Single

When I first heard this song while seeing them live in Houston I knew it was special. It immediately hooked me with the different guitar parts and vocals. “Vultures” shows the evolution of a band that is about to become a hot commodity within the scene. Rory’s vocals are the perfect blend of screaming and … Continue reading

Gideon’s New Vision

Have you ever listened to an album and every word felt like it was written for you? This is what happened with Gideon’s “Cold” released on Equal Vision Records. This is an album I have wanting them to release for the past 4 years. “Cursed” brings a new energy and heaviness to this band. Bryan … Continue reading

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