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United Pursuit Brings Renewal

Have you ever listened to music that has an anointing from God? That’s how I feel when listening to United Pursuit’s “Living Room Volume 3.”  This EP has songs that will help you overcome obstacles with God’s help. “Peace Like a River” is the opening track that immediately brought me into God’s presence. This is a … Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Lions & Tigers Will Be a Breakout Band in 2016

I will admit, I was honored when I got asked to review this EP. I have a huge amount of respect for Lions & Tigers and I’ll get into a little more of why later in this article. But I figured that instead of writing a bunch of long paragraphs (that, lets be honest, most … Continue reading

Rival Choir Made A Game Changing Album

Rival Choir’s “I Believe, Help My Unbelief” is a game changing album for Christian Metal and Facedown Records. This is an album that will have you hooked from the first verse to last. The song “Aftermath” stands out because of the honest lyrics and raw sound. You can hear the emotion and passion in every … Continue reading

Amoretta “Seventeen Seventy” EP Review

Have you ever listened to an album and were blown away by its originality? This is what instantly happened to me when listening to Amoretta’s “Seventeen Seventy.” This is an album that shows a band destined for huge things with a unique sound. “Wit’s End” is the first single. The screaming vocals bring an intensity that … Continue reading

Spoken “Breathe Again” Review

Have you ever listened to an album from a band and instantly become a fan? That’s what Spoken’s “Breathe Again” has done for me. This is an album which heralds a band coming back with more energy and passion. “Breathe Again” is the first single. This song has guest vocals from Mattie Mullins of Memphis … Continue reading

Chase Huglin “Glow” Album Review

A few months ago, I got a friend request on Facebook by a guy named Chase Huglin. As funny as it sounds, I recognized him from the “Defend Pop Punk” group on Facebook, so I accepted. After doing some creeping, I learned that Chase is a singer/songwriter, recently signed to Invogue Records, and put out … Continue reading

The Ember Days Changes Christian Music

Anchor Music News had the privilege of interviewing Jason, guitarist of The Ember Days. In this interview we talk about their new record, writing process, and so much more. I was honored to set up the interview with Jason. The Ember Days have become one of my favorite Christian bands. Talking to him was as … Continue reading

Variants – Sweet, not Bitter

New Orleans-based melodic rock band, Variants, is one you don’t wanna miss. Building a sound with elements of melodic hardcore, pop-punk, and rock, the group makes it look easy. About a month ago they release Commonwealth, a follow up EP to their debut album, The Concept of Color. Commonwealth is filled with catchy guitar riffs, … Continue reading

Vocal Few Keeps “The Dream Alive”

Have you ever listened to an album that described your relationship with your significant other? Vocal Few’s “The Dream Alive” EP has done that for me. It documents the joy and hardship in being with your soul mate. “The Dream Alive” is the first single of this EP and is a catchy song about living … Continue reading

Broadcaster’s “Spin EP” Review

Have you ever listened to an EP that brought you back to the simple days? Broadcaster’s “Spin EP” has done that for me. The first song, “Next to You.” has an introduction that showed me this record was going to be special. The guitar riffs and throwback vocals stand out. This song has an early … Continue reading

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