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5 Texas Country Artists You Should Be Listening To

Parker McCollum A few months back, a friend showed me “Hell Of A Year” by Parker and it instantly hit home with me. It was just the song I needed at that point in my life. After listening to that song 1233 more times over the next three days, I dove head first into the … Continue reading

Off Road Minivan Interview

After hearing “Spiral Gaze,” I was hooked. Off Road Minivan has a refreshing sound and I like the theme of their first single. This band brings something unique to Tooth & Nail Records. They will continue to get bigger and bigger. I was privileged to interview Ryan their vocalist and bassist. In this interview, we … Continue reading

Who is Old Notes?

Old Notes is a band that brings me back to mid 2000’s alternative rock. I love their sound. I was privileged to interview Devin. He is the band’s vocalist and guitarist. It was great talking to him.Enjoy this interview from a band you will become a fan of after hearing them. Rob: Who is Old Notes? … Continue reading

Then & Now: Not Just Another Album

This past weekend I got the pleasure of sitting down with Dylan Lloyd and Stephen Jerzak to talk about growing up, being musicians, plans for the future and their upcoming album entitled “Then & Now”. Check out the conversation below!  Anchor Music News: Dylan, you’re an accomplished songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and one of the hardest working … Continue reading

Sleeping Giant’s “Legacy of Praise”

I remember it like yesterday, the first time I heard Sleeping Giant. I saw them open for Demon Hunter and was hooked. When they sang “Don’t you judge me. Don’t you dare.” I was profoundly impacted and felt welcomed and loved. I felt the Holy Spirit in a different way. I had to have more. … Continue reading

This Week in Music: Knuckle Puck, Kane Brown, SOW and More!

This is my favorite time of the year (minus pumpkin flavored everything). The weather starts to get colder, Halloween, lots of amazing fall tours and new music. This past weekend yielded some of the best music released all year, in my opinion. Let’s just jump right in. Knuckle Puck  – Shapeshifter Now, I’m sure any … Continue reading

Midnight Divide’s Energized Interview

I was recently introduced to the new music of Midnight Divide and had the opportunity to interview them. I was impressed with their professionalism and passion for music. Their music brought me into a new and different world full of people, sounds, and instrumentation I usually don’t listen to but I loved it. I quickly … Continue reading

Zack Keim’s “First Step”

Zack Keim is a talented, up and coming musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was first introduced through his band Nox Boys. This release separates itself from that music. There is a classic, singer songwriter sound to this record. It reminds me of a mixture of Dan Layus, Bob Dylan, and Jack White. “Open Your Doorway” … Continue reading

Rare Monk’s Different Realm

Rare Monk is a band that hooked me when I saw them live while opening for The Dangerous Summer in 2013. This band breaks the mold of other rock bands. Their first full-length record “A Future” comes out on July 7, 2017. This is a can’t miss record for music fans. This release invites the … Continue reading

Dayseeker’s Thought Provoking Single

When I first heard this song while seeing them live in Houston I knew it was special. It immediately hooked me with the different guitar parts and vocals. “Vultures” shows the evolution of a band that is about to become a hot commodity within the scene. Rory’s vocals are the perfect blend of screaming and … Continue reading

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