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Corey Durkin Interview

Corey Durkin will become a household name in music. Corey Durkin is by far one of my most memorable interviews. In this interview, we talk about his music and much more. Rob: What was your first guitar? Corey: Oh man. My first guitar was a Takamine G-240 and it was a right-handed guitar! My Dad … Continue reading

Honest Men’s Infectious Music

Honest Men is a band I found while at a Kings Kaleidoscope concert with my wife. They opened and I was a fan. I love their catchy music and overall message. Below is my interview with their lead singer, Seth. We talk about the band’s formation, new music, and much more. Rob: Who inspired you … Continue reading

Off Road Minivan Interview

After hearing “Spiral Gaze,” I was hooked. Off Road Minivan has a refreshing sound and I like the theme of their first single. This band brings something unique to Tooth & Nail Records. They will continue to get bigger and bigger. I was privileged to interview Ryan their vocalist and bassist. In this interview, we … Continue reading

Who is Old Notes?

Old Notes is a band that brings me back to mid 2000’s alternative rock. I love their sound. I was privileged to interview Devin. He is the band’s vocalist and guitarist. It was great talking to him.Enjoy this interview from a band you will become a fan of after hearing them. Rob: Who is Old Notes? … Continue reading

Then & Now: Not Just Another Album

This past weekend I got the pleasure of sitting down with Dylan Lloyd and Stephen Jerzak to talk about growing up, being musicians, plans for the future and their upcoming album entitled “Then & Now”. Check out the conversation below!  Anchor Music News: Dylan, you’re an accomplished songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and one of the hardest working … Continue reading

Midnight Divide’s Energized Interview

I was recently introduced to the new music of Midnight Divide and had the opportunity to interview them. I was impressed with their professionalism and passion for music. Their music brought me into a new and different world full of people, sounds, and instrumentation I usually don’t listen to but I loved it. I quickly … Continue reading

Animals as Leaders Life Changing Music

Animals as Leaders is a band that is changing music through their technical ability and unique sound. I had the privilege of interviewing Javier. He is one of the guitarists in this band. In this interview, you will learn about his musical beginnings and so much more. Rob: Who inspired you to play music? Javier: … Continue reading

Who is Naked Walrus?

Naked Walrus is a band with a unique sound and name. You will enjoy them and this interview. Rob: Where does your name come from?  Naked Walrus: We are all extremely fascinated with the origin of large mammals. When we met in college we all realized that the walrus was our favorite animal that we … Continue reading

Wolves at the Gate Wakes Up Christian Metal

  I had the privilege of interviewing Steve Cobucci, vocals and guitar with Wolves at the Gate. His bands new album “Types & Shadows” comes out today on Solid State Records. Their new record shows a shift for the band lyrically and musically. Their new music is heavier and more convicting. The lyrics make listeners … Continue reading

Alex Di Leo Interview

Alex Di Leo is a solo artist that you need to listen to. His new album “So We Go” comes out on Friday. Immediately, I was hooked by his infectious voice. In this interview, we talk about his musical influences, the new EP, and much more. Rob: When did you start playing music? Alex: I … Continue reading

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