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Keith Monacchio Interview

Keith Monacchio is a musician you will immediately be hooked on. Your toes will start tapping. He is one of the most original musicians you will hear. In this interview we talk about his life as a musician, new music, and so much more. Rob: Who inspired you to play music? Keith: I guess I … Continue reading

Chase Huglin Deserves an Island

Chase Huglin is an artist making waves. His new album “You Deserve an Island” has been released on InVogue Records and is destined for massive success. Rob: Who is Chase Huglin? Chase: I am a 20 year old singer songwriter from Fort Wayne, IN.  I write honest songs about my feelings in hopes that people … Continue reading

Cosmo & Creature’s Breakthrough

Cosmos & Creature is a band I was immediately hooked on. Their music is catchy and vocals have an excellent balance. This band will have you dancing any and everywhere. Rob: How did you decide on your name? Cosmos & Creature: We were looking up at the sky and contemplating our place as human beings … Continue reading

Who is Eyes Eat Suns?

      Eyes Eat Suns is a band that I cannot get enough of. Their music is honest and catchy. Their new release “Alive” is one of the best EP’s I have heard this year. I had the privilege of interviewing Ayisa. She is the vocalist of Eyes Eat Suns. In this interview we … Continue reading

Alesana’s “Confessions”

Rob: Why are you re releasing “Confessions”? Alesana: It was an opportunity to include a couple of tracks that are a part of the story that did not appear on the original release.  We were also able to do different artwork as well as pair it with the release of the novel ‘Annabel’. Rob: What … Continue reading

Square Peg Round Hole Breaks the Mold

Square Peg Round Hole is an instrumental band that will leave you breathless. Each song is full of intricate sounds. This is a band to jam no matter the situation. I had the privilege of interviewing Carlos of Square Peg Round Hole. In this interview, we talk about inspiration, their new album, and much more. … Continue reading

Midnight Ball Interview

I had the privilege of interviewing Jonah of Midnight Ball. This band will make an impact in the Rock scene for years to come. They have a unique sound with catchy songs and thought provoking lyrics. Rob: Who is Midnight Ball? Jonah: Midnight Ball is currently a 7-8 person rock outfit, but it evolved from a … Continue reading

Death Will Tremble Interview

Rob: Who is Death Will Tremble? Hunter: Death Will Tremble is a metal band from Austin, TX. We’ve just put out our first album, “Mona,” which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and pretty much anywhere else you can think to buy music online. We’ve been playing music together for the last 10 years in … Continue reading

Heartaches Interview

Rob: Who is Heartaches? Heartaches: Heartaches is a five piece band from  Helsingborg, Sweden with influences from heavy and emotional music. Rob: Where does your name come from? Heartaches: The name Heartaches originally came from when Casper and Tom began to write the song Memorial and the purpose was to write a song that really … Continue reading

The Danger of Falling Provides Hope

I had the privilege of interview Luke Smith. He is the lead singer of The Danger of Falling. In this interview we talk about their new EP and much more. Rob: Who is The Danger of Falling? Luke: The Danger of Falling is Luke Smith, Josh Liming, Michael Guido, Austin White, and Robert Grimm. We … Continue reading

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