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This Week in Music: Knuckle Puck, Kane Brown, SOW and More!

This is my favorite time of the year (minus pumpkin flavored everything). The weather starts to get colder, Halloween, lots of amazing fall tours and new music. This past weekend yielded some of the best music released all year, in my opinion. Let’s just jump right in. Knuckle Puck  – Shapeshifter Now, I’m sure any … Continue reading

Matt Reagan 2016 Artist of The Year

Matt Reagan is a musician that I can’t get enough of. His music is unique, catchy, and fun. His passion for music is evident through each song released. These are some of the many reasons he is my 2016 artist of the year.  His revisited song “More to Feel Alive” is excellent. The hooks and vocals … Continue reading

3 Pop Punk Bands You NEED to Know

Home Above I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Home Above are a solid pop punk band with really catchy songs that make you want to dance and sing along. The thing that really stands out about them is their work ethic. No band should work this hard and go unnoticed. When I say they … Continue reading

AMN December Playlist

December’s playlist starts with……The Decemberists! Because…….it’s December! Genius, right? No? Ok, well “Anti-Summersong”, from their latest album called “What A Terrible World, What A  Beautiful World” is for all of the crazy winter lovers out there.  Next is a singer, Myke Terry, who you may be familiar with as a metal vocalist, as he has … Continue reading

Dayseeker Break Out of Their “Origin”

Dayseeker’s “Origin” breaks ground in an often overcrowded and generic Post Hardcore scene. They have a unique sound that shows why this band is gaining a growing fan base. “Origin” shows this band’s transformation and potential. This album is for fans of Post Hardcore with a twist. Origin is the first single and title track. This … Continue reading

Are You Sure You’re Ready for SXSW?

It’s that time of year again! In exactly ten days, masses of people all across the country are going to flock to my hometown of Austin, TX for the madness that is South By South West. Trying to find a hotel? Good luck. Want to get where you are going on time? Sorry, no. We … Continue reading

9 of the Most Influential Bands

We all have bands/musicians/artists that have been there for us. They’ve inspired us, encouraged us, humbled us, understood us, laughed with us, and cried with us. Music is a part of what made all of us who we are today in some way or another. We here at AMN decided to pick some of the … Continue reading

Silent Planet Making Headlines

  Anchor Music News was given the opportunity to interview Garrett Russell, lead singer of Silent Planet before their show at Harrisburg Studio in Houston. During this interview we discussed their new record, signing to Solid State Records, books, and much more. Rob: Congrats on the new album. What inspired the album’s title and message? … Continue reading

Interview with Matt of The Classic Crime

Anchor Music News had the opportunity to interview Matt of The Classic Crime. We talk about What Was Done, Vol 1: A Decade Revisited, Kickstarter, Seattle, and the music industry. AnchorMusicRob: Your latest release is really good. What inspired you to do an acoustic greatest hits record? Matt: We never had a hit. We wanted … Continue reading

November 2014 Music Guide

November 2014 is going to be another excellent month of music. There are plenty of releases to enjoy. Silent Planet’s The Night God Slept hits stores on November 10, 2014. This is the band’s first record with Solid State Records. This is going to be an excellent record that will show the continued progression of the band … Continue reading

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