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United Pursuit’s Revolutionary Worship Music

When you think of worship music what comes to mind? Is it the ambience and intimacy, sound, lyrics, and honesty? All of these unique attributes and so much more describe United Pursuit. United Pursuit is a group of musicians based in Knoxville, Tennessee that desire God. Their music clearly illustrates the desire and struggle of … Continue reading

Everyone Dies in Utah “SYNRS” Review

Everyone Dies in Utah has released one of the best singles I have heard. “Syners” punches you in the mouth with its brutal screams and keyboards. Then you hear the driving guitars and powerful lyrics and you’re in Post Hardcore heaven. You can hear the passion of each member’s instrumentation. The music video’s imagery ties … Continue reading

Midnight Ball Interview

I had the privilege of interviewing Jonah of Midnight Ball. This band will make an impact in the Rock scene for years to come. They have a unique sound with catchy songs and thought provoking lyrics. Rob: Who is Midnight Ball? Jonah: Midnight Ball is currently a 7-8 person rock outfit, but it evolved from a … Continue reading

3 Christian Metal Bands You Should Jam

Convictions Convictions are a Christian metal band from Ohio signed to InVogue Records. They label themselves as “Aggressive Worship” which is very true. This is a band with brutal breakdowns and screams. Their lyrics are thought provoking and powerful. Their music has brought me hope and strength through rough times in my life. They have … Continue reading

The Call Back Academy is “Taking Over the World”

  The Call Back Academy is a band you should know. Hailing from the United Kingdom they are mixing Pop Punk and Post Hardcore, perfectly. Their new song “Taking Over The World” had me hooked immediately. This song is really catchy. There is a perfect balance of screaming and clean vocals. The group vocals are … Continue reading

Over a Rainbow – Jordan Smith Concert Review

Do you know how there are times in your life you will never forget – like late one night watching a comet making its pass by earth, or standing at the foot of a mountain for the very first time, or perhaps, while driving down the road in a storm, seeing a full arching rainbow … Continue reading

A Quick Note About Home Above’s New Album “If Anything Will”

It’s fantastic! Listen to it and then buy it. (not necessarily in that order) here’s the listen/buy link: https://homeabove.bandcamp.com/album/if-anything-will  

Dylan Lloyd, Through Hardships to the Stars

Besides having talent that goes far beyond most, never have I ever seen an artist as dedicated and loyal to their fans as Dylan Lloyd. He even shouts out one fan a week on for his signature “Fan Love Friday“, which even has it’s own website now.  All you other bands and artists take notes. Dylan seems … Continue reading

Morton Street Music Rocks Richmond

  I had the privilege of interviewing Robert Quarles. He is the founder of Morton Street Music LLC. He is a friend that continually inspires me to pursue my musical and creative projects. His passion for independent bands is incredible. Concert on the Creek is a free music festival of independent artists from Texas and … Continue reading

3 Metal Bands You NEED To Know

Earth Groans    For lovers of heavier music, Earth Groans is the band for you. They bring a perfect blend of brutal vocals, crushing breakdowns and hard hitting lyrics. Their unique form of chaotic hardcore is something that JT Cavey (Texas In July, Erra) described as “This is the most interesting, refreshing thing I have … Continue reading

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