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Unifier Breaks Free: Q & A with Aslan Freeman

Music is best served with a strong message, and that’s exactly what the North Carolina natives in Unifier have been bringing to the table recently. The release of their latest EP, “Gutted”, is laced entirely with a tales of change, new beginnings and total reinvention. The meaning behind it all? I spoke with guitarist/vocalist Aslan … Continue reading

Come and Rest: “Blacklist” Review

Alright kids, time to put on your moshing shoes on and get ready for the newest EP from Come and Rest, out of Atlanta, GA. This collection of songs is called “Blacklist” and it is a strong addition to your metal-core playlist. C.A.R has been together since 2011 and is made up of Daniel Goehring, … Continue reading

Late Nite Reading “Ecstasy” EP Review

Late Nite Reading has made some major leaps since the near two year gap since the last time we really heard what was going on with them in the studio. The unstoppable trio Dalton Wixom, Brady Szuhaj and Clayton Collins are back at it, and they couldn’t have kicked the door leading to their band’s … Continue reading

Music Spotlight: Ambivalence Releases First Studio Single

For fans of this on the rise post hardcore band from Katy, Texas, this is long awaited news. In the meantime, Ambivalence has been busy with things like performing at the official Springboard South Music Festival, main stage at one of Houston’s favorite venues Warehouse Live, and collaborating in the studio. However, the wait is … Continue reading

In Memory Of Album Review

A week from today, a worthy contributor to your music library is coming straight from In Memory Of. The band is releasing their self-titled debut album on March 10th; this of course is only coming after a few years of playing at shows all around (and beyond!) the city, opening for the likes of Dance … Continue reading

Modern Day Troubadour, Ray Wilson

Troubadour (Noun):  “One of a class of lyric poets and poet-musicians often of knightly rank who flourished from the 11th to the end of the 13th century.” To be a true troubadour, you had to be really good at what you did. Mediocre lyrics and sub-par poems simply wouldn’t cut it. They didn’t just knight … Continue reading

Rock, Roll & Dark Tales: 6 Questions with Andrew De Leon

EARLIER THIS WEEK, I got the chance to sit down and talk to Andrew De Leon about everything from his original start as an artist on America’s Got Talent, to his inspirations, and – what’s this? A new album in the making? For fans of this modern day rock star, and for the man himself, things … Continue reading

Taking on Poseidon: Taking Austin by Storm

On a normal day, you will walk into the venue, more humid than the streets of Austin that you just escaped from, packed with sweaty bodies throwing themselves into each other out of the sheer passion inspired by the metal thrashing from the stage. Above the crowd you will see puppeteers, Taking on Poseidon bending … Continue reading

Pocket Odyssey has a New Story for Texas, “Life and Travels”

Last week I got the pleasure of speaking with Kyle Kramer from  “Pocket Odyssey”, a rock band on the rise in the underground music scene of Austin, TX. Bringing life to their name, Pocket Odyssey’s sound heavily revolves around an engaging, journey-like story line inspired by the band’s own life experience. Their lyrical story captures … Continue reading

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