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Solomon Conquer’s Christian Metal

If you are looking for a different style of worship music, then check out Solomon’s new album “Conqueror.” It is full of brutal screams, technical guitar riffs, and a message destined to transform your life. “Omega” is the first single on the album that starts off with a catchy riff and screaming that had me … Continue reading

Seanzy Debut EP Review: “Doubt”

With “Doubt” being Austin-based artist Seanzy’s first EP release, you’d think you know what to expect. First EP’s are something musicians typically fondly look back on as an artifact of their ground level on the elevator to success, a time of reckless desire but not much knowledge. This, however, is a bit of a different story. If … Continue reading

Half Hearted Finding Light EP Review

Half Hearted is a band on the rise within the Post Hardcore scene. They are a band with a unique sound. Half Hearted’s Finding Light EP shows the underground Post Hardcore scene is not dead. “Sold Soul” starts of this EP with a bang. The songs starts with melodic instrumentation and screaming vocals. There are … Continue reading

Positive Disturbance Album Review: Chasing Distance, or Success?

Late in 2014, I did a piece inspired by  a bout of local shows I had gone to around Christmas, including Battle of The Bands at the classic Houston venue Fitzgerald’s (side note, if you can ever catch one of these going out, don’t hesitate to. It’s like a music fanatic’s personal holiday.) One of … Continue reading

Dayseeker Break Out of Their “Origin”

Dayseeker’s “Origin” breaks ground in an often overcrowded and generic Post Hardcore scene. They have a unique sound that shows why this band is gaining a growing fan base. “Origin” shows this band’s transformation and potential. This album is for fans of Post Hardcore with a twist. Origin is the first single and title track. This … Continue reading

VICTIMS: Big Sounds from RMRS

The newly released VICTIMS by San Antonio pop/rock group RMRS (pronounced Rumors) is large and ready to fill your room with ambient melodies and a legitimate passion that is something special. The band dropped this sophomore EP late last February. It’s a work that hits hard and is appropriately punctuated by somber movements that almost … Continue reading

Late Nite Reading “Ecstasy” EP Review

Late Nite Reading has made some major leaps since the near two year gap since the last time we really heard what was going on with them in the studio. The unstoppable trio Dalton Wixom, Brady Szuhaj and Clayton Collins are back at it, and they couldn’t have kicked the door leading to their band’s … Continue reading

Music Spotlight: Ambivalence Releases First Studio Single

For fans of this on the rise post hardcore band from Katy, Texas, this is long awaited news. In the meantime, Ambivalence has been busy with things like performing at the official Springboard South Music Festival, main stage at one of Houston’s favorite venues Warehouse Live, and collaborating in the studio. However, the wait is … Continue reading

In Memory Of Album Review

A week from today, a worthy contributor to your music library is coming straight from In Memory Of. The band is releasing their self-titled debut album on March 10th; this of course is only coming after a few years of playing at shows all around (and beyond!) the city, opening for the likes of Dance … Continue reading

Voyage: Pocket Odyssey’s New Installment

Austin Alternative, Pocket Odyssey, released their new EP “Voyage” earlier this month. This comes to us just short of a year after they released “Life and Travels” last April. You can definitely expect to hear the same Pocket Odyssey you heard in last years EP but with what I would call a more ‘introspective’ flavoring. The … Continue reading

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