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3 Christian Metal Bands You Should Jam

Convictions Convictions are a Christian metal band from Ohio signed to InVogue Records. They label themselves as “Aggressive Worship” which is very true. This is a band with brutal breakdowns and screams. Their lyrics are thought provoking and powerful. Their music has brought me hope and strength through rough times in my life. They have … Continue reading

Rival Choir Made A Game Changing Album

Rival Choir’s “I Believe, Help My Unbelief” is a game changing album for Christian Metal and Facedown Records. This is an album that will have you hooked from the first verse to last. The song “Aftermath” stands out because of the honest lyrics and raw sound. You can hear the emotion and passion in every … Continue reading

Rival Choir Will Make You Believe

I had the privilege of interviewing Christian Prince, the guitarist of Rival Choir. In this interview we talk about the name change, new album, and so much more. I enjoyed interviewing Christian. I am inspired by his passion for Jesus and being missional. We were able to establish a rapport. This helped both of us … Continue reading

Attalus Interview

Anchor Music News had the privilege of Attalus. Attalus released their debut record “Into The Sea” on Facedown Records on Tuesday. In this interview we talk about the new album, how they got their name, barbecue places in Raleigh, North Carolina, and so much more. This is one of my favorite interviews. Interviewing the band … Continue reading

Gideon’s Calloused Review

Gideon’s Calloused comes after an excellent sophomore record. This is one of the most anticipated albums in 2014. Will the album live up to the hype? Calloused is the first single and track. It has the gritty sound with more technical instrumentation. Savage has different guitar tones and vocals. There is a mixture of metal … Continue reading

October 2014 Music Guide

October will be an excellent month for music fans. There will be an eclectic mixture of music being released. Fit For A King’s Slave to Nothing will be released by on October 14th. This is one of the most anticipated records on Solid State Records. This album will be one of the best in 2014. Fans … Continue reading

Those Who Fear Interview

Anchor Music News had the privilege of interviewing John, lead singer of Those Who Fear. We talk about the new album, sports, and food. AnchorMusicRob:Congratulations on the release of Death Sentence. It is an excellent record. John: Thank you AnchorMusicRob:What was the inspiration behind Death Sentence? John: That is hard to say. There is no … Continue reading

War of Ages Declares ‘New Album’ to Set Siege This Summer

The secret is out! War of Ages will be releasing a new album and it’s estimated to be blasting through your speakers in the Summer of 2014! They are keeping release dates, titles and graphics hush-hush, but fans of the Christian Metal band can expect to be hearing more and more about this very soon! Though they’ve … Continue reading

Beard the Lion Braves The Future Ahead Minus One

The Anchor Music News team recently paid a visit to Austin heavy metal band, Beard the Lion’s headquarters to talk about some big news they had to share. However, to start the article off we wanted to describe how they sound so that you, our readers, would have an idea of what they’re about and … Continue reading

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