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Gideon’s New Vision

Have you ever listened to an album and every word felt like it was written for you? This is what happened with Gideon’s “Cold” released on Equal Vision Records. This is an album I have wanting them to release for the past 4 years. “Cursed” brings a new energy and heaviness to this band. Bryan … Continue reading

For Today Leaves a Profound Legacy

When I first found out For Today was breaking up there was sadness. This is a band I have loved for years. They have helped me grow spiritually and emotionally. I saw the band’s opening line-up and was pumped: Rival Choir, Wage War, Gideon followed by For Today. This was a solid line up. Before … Continue reading

Gideon’s Calloused Review

Gideon’s Calloused comes after an excellent sophomore record. This is one of the most anticipated albums in 2014. Will the album live up to the hype? Calloused is the first single and track. It has the gritty sound with more technical instrumentation. Savage has different guitar tones and vocals. There is a mixture of metal … Continue reading

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