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Jesse Ruben’s “Scared of America”

Check out Jesse Ruben’s new single below.

Bri Clark Asserts Her Music Into Your Heart

I had the privilege of interviewing Bri Clark. She recently released her new single “Assertion.” In this interview, we talk about her new single, musical influences, and the coolest thing about being from Australia.  You have a new single called “Assertion.” What inspired the song’s title? A good friend of mine who drummed on the … Continue reading

Jamison Strain’s “This Little Light” Video Review

Anchor Music News has the privilege of reviewing Jamison Strain’s, “This Little Light,” music video. This is the first single of his new album Bold, which will come out in the Fall 2015. This music video shows a raw intimate performance from Jamison Strain. You can hear the passion in his voice and piano playing. The instrumentation and vocals … Continue reading

A Bass Only A Mother Could Love with Cody Wright

Asheville, NC – Cody Wright is the bass player for ROPEADOPE’s quartet turned trio Jonathan Scales & The Fourchestra. He shares with me about his transition to guitar and bass, his unique style, and his upcoming release A BASS ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE. Tell me about your musical origins and how that affects your … Continue reading

Rock, Roll & Dark Tales: 6 Questions with Andrew De Leon

EARLIER THIS WEEK, I got the chance to sit down and talk to Andrew De Leon about everything from his original start as an artist on America’s Got Talent, to his inspirations, and – what’s this? A new album in the making? For fans of this modern day rock star, and for the man himself, things … Continue reading

Good Times With Good Culture!

OKLAHOMA CITY – Good Culture is a band that screams ‘get up and have fun.’ With their self titled debut EP, with no song under 95 BPM, this band drives to compel people to dance. I got a chance to talk with multi-instrumentalist band liaison Kenny Moore. He shares what’s behind the name, the band’s … Continue reading

Sean Johnson Interview

Oklahoma City – Oklahoma Native Sean C. Johnson is an independent artist who is taking his message of life lessons and gratefulness through the audio lens of smooth vocals, soul riffs and hip hop nuances. With two full albums, two EPS, and multiple features under his belt; he is no stranger to the industry. He … Continue reading

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