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Midnight Ball Interview

I had the privilege of interviewing Jonah of Midnight Ball. This band will make an impact in the Rock scene for years to come. They have a unique sound with catchy songs and thought provoking lyrics. Rob: Who is Midnight Ball? Jonah: Midnight Ball is currently a 7-8 person rock outfit, but it evolved from a … Continue reading

Matt Reagan “Far” Single Premiere

Check out Matt Reagan’s new single “Far” below. This is a catchy song with lyrics you will remember.

Death Will Tremble Interview

Rob: Who is Death Will Tremble? Hunter: Death Will Tremble is a metal band from Austin, TX. We’ve just put out our first album, “Mona,” which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and pretty much anywhere else you can think to buy music online. We’ve been playing music together for the last 10 years in … Continue reading

Jesse Ruben’s “First Day of Summer”

Check out Jesse Ruben’s new single “First Day of Summer” below. This is a catchy song from a rising artist.

Melisa Kelly and the Smokin Crows Rock

I had the pleasure of interviewing Melisa of Melisa Kelly and the Smokin Crows. In this interview you will learn about this excellent band and much more. Rob: Who is Melisa Kelly and the Smokin’ Crows? Melisa: So in the band we have our pianist Dean Darkie, bassist Luther Sean Hall, our drummer Micah Johnston, … Continue reading

Who is Raven Love and the 27’s?

Rob: Who is Raven Love and the 27’s? Raven Love and the 27’s: Probably Mozart in each of our own minds, but really, we’re just four young folks tinkering with instruments and hoping it sounds good in the end. David and Raven were elementary school classmates who reconnected in December of 2014. Marcus was a … Continue reading

BR Vino Rocks

Have you ever walked into a restaurant or bar that provides live music and just simply felt at home, like that is where you belong, where you are always welcome, and where you can leave the cares of the world behind? This is how BR Vino feels to me when I walk into this wine … Continue reading

Love Ghost Interview

Rob: Who is Love Ghost? Love Ghost: We are a Los Angeles alternative rock band. We are teenagers. We are angsty-on occasion. Rob: What is your new song “Mystery Box” about?  Love Ghost: “Mystery Box” is about a metaphorical box that’s inside of me. Inside this box, are strange thoughts, feelings, and memories. It’s about how I … Continue reading

OYLS Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing OYLS. They are very intellectual and fun to talk with. In this interview we talk about their new single and much more. Rob: Who is OYLS? OYLS: David and I met at the end of summer of 09’. It was a month and a half before my first year of … Continue reading

Givers & Takers Psychedelic Soul

I had the privilege of interviewing Givers & Takers. They are a Psychedelic Rock with an abundance of soul. Check out our interview below for information on their new single and music video. Rob: Who is Givers & Takers? Givers & Takers: Givers & Takers is Alan Krespan (drums), Drew Bruchs (bass, keys), Mark Pollack … Continue reading

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