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Rare Monk’s Different Realm

Rare Monk is a band that hooked me when I saw them live while opening for The Dangerous Summer in 2013. This band breaks the mold of other rock bands. Their first full-length record “A Future” comes out on July 7, 2017. This is a can’t miss record for music fans. This release invites the … Continue reading

Who is Naked Walrus?

Naked Walrus is a band with a unique sound and name. You will enjoy them and this interview. Rob: Where does your name come from?¬† Naked Walrus: We are all extremely fascinated with the origin of large mammals. When we met in college we all realized that the walrus was our favorite animal that we … Continue reading

Everyone Dies in Utah’s Epic Comeback

Everyone Dies in Utah’s new album is one of the best records I have heard in 2016. This album provides the best of Post Hardcore with a unique twist of their own. Each song builds on each other. The vocals are the perfect balance of singing and screaming. The instrumentation blends well with vocals and … Continue reading

Actual Villains Transcendent Music

I had the opportunity to interview Andrew Deneef, who provides vocals and guitars, to Actual Villains. In this interview, we talk about his musical journey and their new music. Rob: What bands inspired you to play music? Andrew: JJ and I both grew up in the 90’s with great pop punk bands like Blink 182, … Continue reading

Chase Huglin Deserves an Island

Chase Huglin is an artist making waves. His new album “You Deserve an Island” has been released on InVogue Records and is destined for massive success. Rob: Who is Chase Huglin? Chase: I am a 20 year old singer songwriter from Fort Wayne, IN.¬† I write honest songs about my feelings in hopes that people … Continue reading

Cosmo & Creature’s Breakthrough

Cosmos & Creature is a band I was immediately hooked on. Their music is catchy and vocals have an excellent balance. This band will have you dancing any and everywhere. Rob: How did you decide on your name? Cosmos & Creature: We were looking up at the sky and contemplating our place as human beings … Continue reading

Midnight Ball Interview

I had the privilege of interviewing Jonah of Midnight Ball. This band will make an impact in the Rock scene for years to come. They have a unique sound with catchy songs and thought provoking lyrics. Rob: Who is Midnight Ball? Jonah:¬†Midnight Ball is currently a 7-8 person rock outfit, but it evolved from a … Continue reading

The Danger of Falling Provides Hope

I had the privilege of interview Luke Smith. He is the lead singer of The Danger of Falling. In this interview we talk about their new EP and much more. Rob: Who is The Danger of Falling? Luke: The Danger of Falling is Luke Smith, Josh Liming, Michael Guido, Austin White, and Robert Grimm. We … Continue reading

Melisa Kelly and the Smokin Crows Rock

I had the pleasure of interviewing Melisa of Melisa Kelly and the Smokin Crows. In this interview you will learn about this excellent band and much more. Rob: Who is Melisa Kelly and the Smokin’ Crows? Melisa: So in the band we have our pianist Dean Darkie, bassist Luther Sean Hall, our drummer Micah Johnston, … Continue reading

Who is Raven Love and the 27’s?

Rob: Who is Raven Love and the 27’s? Raven Love and the 27’s: Probably Mozart in each of our own minds, but really, we’re just four young folks tinkering with instruments and hoping it sounds good in the end. David and Raven were elementary school classmates who reconnected in December of 2014. Marcus was a … Continue reading

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