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Square Peg Round Hole Breaks the Mold

Square Peg Round Hole is an instrumental band that will leave you breathless. Each song is full of intricate sounds. This is a band to jam no matter the situation. I had the privilege of interviewing Carlos of Square Peg Round Hole. In this interview, we talk about inspiration, their new album, and much more. … Continue reading

Heartaches Interview

Rob: Who is Heartaches? Heartaches: Heartaches is a five piece band from  Helsingborg, Sweden with influences from heavy and emotional music. Rob: Where does your name come from? Heartaches: The name Heartaches originally came from when Casper and Tom began to write the song Memorial and the purpose was to write a song that really … Continue reading

Faking Interview

I had the opportunity to interview Jeff Bowne (guitars/vocals) of Faking. In this interview you will learn about the band’s new record and much more. Rob: Who is Faking? Jeff Bowne: Faking is from Philadelphia and consists of myself handling guitar and vocals, Phil Schorn on drums, and Mark Diehl playing bass guitar. In my past … Continue reading

OYLS Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing OYLS. They are very intellectual and fun to talk with. In this interview we talk about their new single and much more. Rob: Who is OYLS? OYLS: David and I met at the end of summer of 09’. It was a month and a half before my first year of … Continue reading

Givers & Takers Psychedelic Soul

I had the privilege of interviewing Givers & Takers. They are a Psychedelic Rock with an abundance of soul. Check out our interview below for information on their new single and music video. Rob: Who is Givers & Takers? Givers & Takers: Givers & Takers is Alan Krespan (drums), Drew Bruchs (bass, keys), Mark Pollack … Continue reading

Divine Weeks Interview

I had the chance to interview Bill See of Divine Weeks. In this interview we talk about how the band reunited, new record, and so much more. Rob: Who is Divine Weeks? Bill: Well, Divine Weeks 2016 is three-quarters of the original lineup. Myself, Raj Makwana on guitar and Dave Smerdzinski on drums. Our bass … Continue reading

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