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Everyone Dies in Utah “SYNRS” Review

Everyone Dies in Utah has released one of the best singles I have heard. “Syners” punches you in the mouth with its brutal screams and keyboards. Then you hear the driving guitars and powerful lyrics and you’re in Post Hardcore heaven. You can hear the passion of each member’s instrumentation. The music video’s imagery ties … Continue reading

Heartaches Interview

Rob: Who is Heartaches? Heartaches: Heartaches is a five piece band from  Helsingborg, Sweden with influences from heavy and emotional music. Rob: Where does your name come from? Heartaches: The name Heartaches originally came from when Casper and Tom began to write the song Memorial and the purpose was to write a song that really … Continue reading

Amoretta “Seventeen Seventy” EP Review

Have you ever listened to an album and were blown away by its originality? This is what instantly happened to me when listening to Amoretta’s “Seventeen Seventy.” This is an album that shows a band destined for huge things with a unique sound. “Wit’s End” is the first single. The screaming vocals bring an intensity that … Continue reading

Come and Rest Announce “The Blacklist Tour”

Post Hardcore outfit Come and Rest have announced a new U.S. tour, with Roadrunner artist, More To Monroe, called “The Blacklist Tour”. The tour will begin in Nashville, TN on November 6th and will travel much of the southern states before heading up and down the east coast, finishing in Greensboro, NC on November 25th. Check the … Continue reading

Half Hearted Finding Light EP Review

Half Hearted is a band on the rise within the Post Hardcore scene. They are a band with a unique sound. Half Hearted’s Finding Light EP shows the underground Post Hardcore scene is not dead. “Sold Soul” starts of this EP with a bang. The songs starts with melodic instrumentation and screaming vocals. There are … Continue reading

Attalus Interview

Anchor Music News had the privilege of Attalus. Attalus released their debut record “Into The Sea” on Facedown Records on Tuesday. In this interview we talk about the new album, how they got their name, barbecue places in Raleigh, North Carolina, and so much more. This is one of my favorite interviews. Interviewing the band … Continue reading

Dayseeker Break Out of Their “Origin”

Dayseeker’s “Origin” breaks ground in an often overcrowded and generic Post Hardcore scene. They have a unique sound that shows why this band is gaining a growing fan base. “Origin” shows this band’s transformation and potential. This album is for fans of Post Hardcore with a twist. Origin is the first single and title track. This … Continue reading

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