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Who is Raven Love and the 27’s?

Rob: Who is Raven Love and the 27’s? Raven Love and the 27’s: Probably Mozart in each of our own minds, but really, we’re just four young folks tinkering with instruments and hoping it sounds good in the end. David and Raven were elementary school classmates who reconnected in December of 2014. Marcus was a … Continue reading

Givers & Takers Psychedelic Soul

I had the privilege of interviewing Givers & Takers. They are a Psychedelic Rock with an abundance of soul. Check out our interview below for information on their new single and music video. Rob: Who is Givers & Takers? Givers & Takers: Givers & Takers is Alan Krespan (drums), Drew Bruchs (bass, keys), Mark Pollack … Continue reading

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