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Melisa Kelly and the Smokin Crows Rock

I had the pleasure of interviewing Melisa of Melisa Kelly and the Smokin Crows. In this interview you will learn about this excellent band and much more. Rob: Who is Melisa Kelly and the Smokin’ Crows? Melisa: So in the band we have our pianist Dean Darkie, bassist Luther Sean Hall, our drummer Micah Johnston, … Continue reading

Come and Rest: “Blacklist” Review

Alright kids, time to put on your moshing shoes on and get ready for the newest EP from Come and Rest, out of Atlanta, GA. This collection of songs is called “Blacklist” and it is a strong addition to your metal-core playlist. C.A.R has been together since 2011 and is made up of Daniel Goehring, … Continue reading

VICTIMS: Big Sounds from RMRS

The newly released VICTIMS by San Antonio pop/rock group RMRS (pronounced Rumors) is large and ready to fill your room with ambient melodies and a legitimate passion that is something special. The band dropped this sophomore EP late last February. It’s a work that hits hard and is appropriately punctuated by somber movements that almost … Continue reading

Warped Tour 2015 Essentials, Pt. 1

AS IT IS Fearless Records has a habit of associating themselves with unopposed talent, further proved by the label’s most recent (and first!) British band signing. Originally from Brighton, United Kingdom, As It Is has taken the pop punk world by transatlantic storm. With their current recognition by one of the biggest punk rock labels … Continue reading

Rock, Roll & Dark Tales: 6 Questions with Andrew De Leon

EARLIER THIS WEEK, I got the chance to sit down and talk to Andrew De Leon about everything from his original start as an artist on America’s Got Talent, to his inspirations, and – what’s this? A new album in the making? For fans of this modern day rock star, and for the man himself, things … Continue reading

November 2014 Music Guide

November 2014 is going to be another excellent month of music. There are plenty of releases to enjoy. Silent Planet’s The Night God Slept hits stores on November 10, 2014. This is the band’s first record with Solid State Records. This is going to be an excellent record that will show the continued progression of the band … Continue reading

Looking Down the Road by Deborah Crooks

Deborah Crooks is a singer and songwriter, and she has three albums that have released and are available on iTunes. Most songs are soft rock and folklore. “Looking Down the Road” is on her newest album Little Bird. The album was released back in November 2013. The song is sung as a story and it … Continue reading

Seven Coins by The Everglows

The Everglows are an East London band that plays 60s mixed with soft rock and hard rock. The band is comprised of three people that love to make music and bring back the “good times”. This new and young band started in February 2013. Within the first year, they have done several open mic nights … Continue reading

Pocket Odyssey has a New Story for Texas, “Life and Travels”

Last week I got the pleasure of speaking with Kyle Kramer from  “Pocket Odyssey”, a rock band on the rise in the underground music scene of Austin, TX. Bringing life to their name, Pocket Odyssey’s sound heavily revolves around an engaging, journey-like story line inspired by the band’s own life experience. Their lyrical story captures … Continue reading

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