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Dayseeker’s Thought Provoking Single

When I first heard this song while seeing them live in Houston I knew it was special. It immediately hooked me with the different guitar parts and vocals. “Vultures” shows the evolution of a band that is about to become a hot commodity within the scene. Rory’s vocals are the perfect blend of screaming and … Continue reading

Three Years Crosses The “Thin Blue Line”

Three Years is a Hardcore band from Chicago with heavy music and powerful message. The song addresses police excessive use of force. Their sound is unique and really catchy. I like the different tempo changes within the song. The video well represents the songs message and will make you want to see the band live.

The Call Back Academy is “Taking Over the World”

  The Call Back Academy is a band you should know. Hailing from the United Kingdom they are mixing Pop Punk and Post Hardcore, perfectly. Their new song “Taking Over The World” had me hooked immediately. This song is really catchy. There is a perfect balance of screaming and clean vocals. The group vocals are … Continue reading

Silent Planet’s Masterpiece

Silent Planet’s new song “Panic Room” is impressive. This is the first single off their new album “Everything Was Sound” which comes out on Solid State Records on July 1st. The song slowly builds into a passionate scream. The melodic elements this band is known for continue with more complexity and subtlety. This song showcases … Continue reading

DreamVacation’s New Single Rocks

Have you heard music with an original sound and were instantly hooked? This is how I felt when I listened to DreamVacation’s “Listening In The Dead.” The vocals caught my attention immediately. They have a unique, raw, original sound. The catchy guitar hooks were blended well within this song. This song has various tempo changes … Continue reading

Jesse Ruben Spreads Love

Have you ever listened to a song that described your relationship with that special someone? Jesse Ruben’s “This Is Why I Need You” has done this for me. This is a soothing, intimate song that’s catchy. The lyrics stand out because of their rhyme scheme and originality. I love hearing vocals and guitars. There is … Continue reading

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