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Wolves at the Gate Wakes Up Christian Metal

  I had the privilege of interviewing Steve Cobucci, vocals and guitar with Wolves at the Gate. His bands new album “Types & Shadows” comes out today on Solid State Records. Their new record shows a shift for the band lyrically and musically. Their new music is heavier and more convicting. The lyrics make listeners … Continue reading

Fit For a King’s ‘Deathgrip’ on Metalcore

Fit For a King has released one of the most anticipated Metalcore albums in 2016. This album and band continue to live up to all the hype surrounding them. They are a band that will only get bigger and bigger. Rob: Who is Fit For A King? Ryan: We are a band that aims to … Continue reading

3 Christian Metal Bands You Should Jam

Convictions Convictions are a Christian metal band from Ohio signed to InVogue Records. They label themselves as “Aggressive Worship” which is very true. This is a band with brutal breakdowns and screams. Their lyrics are thought provoking and powerful. Their music has brought me hope and strength through rough times in my life. They have … Continue reading

Forevermore Interview

I enjoyed interviewing Kramer of Forevermore.  He is a passionate musician with a band that’s making waves in Christian Metal. Rob: Who is Forevermore? Kramer: Forevermore is a group of guys, they don’t play around. I’m just kidding. You got Sammy Vaughn on the drums, Jared Storm on guitar, Michael Taylor on guitar and vocals. I’m … Continue reading

Silent Planet Makes Everything Sound

I had the pleasure of interviewing Garret Russell of Silent Planet. This is an artist who I previously interviewed and couldn’t wait to again. Garret has become one of my musical heroes. Our conversation was like old friends catching up. His band Silent Planet has become one of my favorite bands. Rob: Who is Silent … Continue reading

Silent Planet’s Masterpiece

Silent Planet’s new song “Panic Room” is impressive. This is the first single off their new album “Everything Was Sound” which comes out on Solid State Records on July 1st. The song slowly builds into a passionate scream. The melodic elements this band is known for continue with more complexity and subtlety. This song showcases … Continue reading

Silent Planet Making Headlines

  Anchor Music News was given the opportunity to interview Garrett Russell, lead singer of Silent Planet before their show at Harrisburg Studio in Houston. During this interview we discussed their new record, signing to Solid State Records, books, and much more. Rob: Congrats on the new album. What inspired the album’s title and message? … Continue reading

Fit For A King Interview with Ryan Kirby

Anchor Music News had the opportunity to interview Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King. We talk about Slave To Nothing, tour, and football. AnchorMusicRob: How are you doing today? Ryan: I’m doing well. I’m having some free time. AnchorMusicRob:How is tour going? Ryan: It is going great. I’m having fun. We are friends with the … Continue reading

Underoath’s “They’re Only Chasing Safety” Continues Inspiring Music Fans

There are certain records that change your outlook on music. Underoath’s album, They’re Only Chasing Safety, has done this for me and plenty of other music fans as well. This album put Post Hardcore on the map and continues to inspire people today.  The song, Young and Aspiring starts this record off with a bang. … Continue reading

October 2014 Music Guide

October will be an excellent month for music fans. There will be an eclectic mixture of music being released. Fit For A King’s Slave to Nothing will be released by on October 14th. This is one of the most anticipated records on Solid State Records. This album will be one of the best in 2014. Fans … Continue reading

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