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6 Bands You Might Only Listen to as a Guilty Pleasure

We all have one (or two, or ten) bands that we listen to that are either out of the normal scope of entertainment for our taste or that we would only listen to in a padded closet behind at least three locked doors in our secret lair so that no one else could hear us … Continue reading

AMNtv: Impression Singing With Radio City

Following our interview with Radio City we decided to play a fun little game where we gave Radio City and our news anchor, Meredith, popular songs to sing but in the voice of other singers. The following video is what ensued and it was quite entertaining. Radio City on tour with Dear You and Heart to … Continue reading

Our Last Night Covers Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”

I was halfway thinking this song has been covered way too many times already! What are these guys going to do that other bands haven’t already done to this song? I’m glad to say I was very pleasantly surprised! They start slow with reverb/delayed guitars and lower octave singing, (that guys voice is beautiful by … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Punk Bands Might Be Ditching Their Genre

  I’m surprised that this isn’t talked about a little more in the industry. Don’t get me wrong, we have a solid, dedicated foundation of punk bands that continue to make great punk music such as Four Year Strong, The Wonder Years and bands like Neck Deep and Real Friends. But it’s hard to ignore … Continue reading

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