FAQ: Cartoonist Gerald Scarfe Disign For What Rock Band?

Who illustrated Pink Floyd’s The Wall album?

Gerald Scarfe’s artwork for The Wall (1979) by Pink Floyd, Harvest Records. The artwork would have included Scarfe’s iconic hand-lettering as either a sticker or printed directly onto the cover. In 1971 the English illustrator Gerald Scarfe (b. 1936) found himself in LA creating an animated film for the BBC.

Is the wall based on a true story?

The Wall, set in Iraq shortly after the war, has one of the great movie endings I can recall in recent times. The modestly budgeted film is essentially a two-hander between Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s U.S. soldier and an unseen Iraqi sniper known only as Juba, based on the real -life figure.

Is Pink Floyd The Wall Based on a true story?

The concept for the stage show of “The Wall ” from 1979 draws on Waters’ own life. It tells of the loneliness of a rock singer, struggling to deal with the death of his father. The work is largely biographical as Waters’ own father died in World War II.

Did Isaac die in the wall?

Isaac runs to help him and gets shot himself, most of the damage coming to his knee. Isaac leaps over the only cover in the area, a waist high, crumbling brick wall. The next hour of screen time and several hours of Isaac’s life test his will to live.

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Does Isaac survive in the wall?

Isaac tries to rescue the dying Matthews, but he is also wounded in the right knee and has his radio damaged and his water bottle destroyed in the process. Alone, Isaac takes cover behind an unsteady wall and tends to his wounds.

What is Pink Floyd’s The Wall based on?

Pink Floyd – The Wall
Based on The Wall by Pink Floyd
Starring Bob Geldof
Music by Pink Floyd Bob Ezrin Michael Kamen
Cinematography Peter Biziou


Who is the richest member of Pink Floyd?

Roger Waters Net Worth

Net Worth: $310 Million
Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Profession: Musician, Singer, Record producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Bassist, Lyricist, Singer-songwriter, Film Score Composer, Composer
Nationality: England
Last Updated: 2020

What does Pink Floyd logo mean?

It was a graphical representation of the ray of light, entering the glass prism. This emblem is one of the most popular music badges of all time, which is not only beautifully designed and executed but also represents the Pink Floyd live concerts and their work with lightning.

What’s the meaning of the wall Pink Floyd?

According to the band, the ” wall ” is the self-isolating barrier we build over the course of our lives, and the “bricks in the wall ” are the people and events that turn us inward and away from others.” Pink Floyd created a movie called β€œThe Wall ” released in 1982 which features the character, Pink who is a troubled rock

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