FAQ: How To Activate Star Power On Rock Band Drums?

How do you use star power in rock band?

Actually, all you have to do is press the select button no the guitar and star power is activated.

How do I activate star power?

To activate star power (SP) tilt up the neck of your guitar or press select. In order to get star power you have to hit all the notes in a star power sequence perfectly. Or you can whammy enough star power out of a star power hold.

What Guitar Hero games work with Rock Band drums?

Compatibility chart

Guitar Hero 3, 4, 5, 6, and Band Hero guitars Rock Band 1, 2, and The Beatles: Rock Band drums
Rock Band 1 and Track Packs (Wii)
Rock Band 1 and Track Packs PS2
Band Hero (360)
Band Hero (PS3)


What do the Star notes mean on Guitar Hero?

If you’ve ever played Guitar Hero before, you’re familiar with ” Star Power” (AKA “SP”). Once you’ve hit enough star -shaped gems, you’ll be notified that your Star Power’s ready. Activate it and you’ll increase your score multiplier, plus your Rock Meter will get a boost.

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How do you turn on star power on Guitar Hero mic?

To activate it on a mic either press the square button on the controller, tap the top of the mic, or blow a rush of air into the mic.

How do I use the star power on my ps2 controller?


  1. Dude to use star power just press select its in your guitar hero II book where it tells u how to use your guitar controller + it tells u on your regular controller. there u go.
  2. Press Select for SP. User Info: Daxter025.
  3. By either lifting the guitar upward, or pressing the botton on your guitar.
  4. Press select.

Can you use rock band drums on Guitar Hero?

The drums work just fine in the Xbox 360 version of ” Guitar Hero ” that’s in my possession. Every button on the ” Rock Band ” drum works as it did before. ” Guitar Hero ” accommodates the ” Rock Band ” setup with a different note chart.

Do all Guitar Hero guitars work with all games?

Any idea if/which Rock Band titles are compatible with this setup? Yes, Guitar Hero guitars work with Rock Band games and vice versa.

Can you play Band Hero with just a guitar?

The guitar features of the game work just like any Guitar Hero game on the DS. There is also Wi-Fi compatibility with the Band Hero WII Game. If you have the Band Hero WII game you can use the Band Hero & DS system to act as a live playlist editor for the Wii Game.

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Did Guitar Hero 3 have drums?

The drummer is an NPC that appears in Guitar Hero 1, 2, 80’s, 3, and Aerosmith, with a cameo in the Guitar Hero World Tour intro sequence.

How do you connect rock band drums to PC?

Use your Rock Band drums in Windows

  1. Download and install the Drum Machine app from Andrew’s site.
  2. Connect your Rock Band drums to your Windows PC Windows should recognize the drum kit and install the necessary drivers.
  3. Fire up the Drum Machine app.

Can you use rock band drums on PC?

If you own a Rock Band or Guitar Hero drum, you can hook it up to PC and use it as a drum while you hear the sound from the speakers.

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