FAQ: How To Use A Rock Band 3 Keyboard On Dolphin?

How do I use my mic on dolphin?

To enable Mic support go to Options -> Configure -> GameCube, and set Slot B to ” Mic “. Set its button to GCN Pad 2, it does not work on Pad 1.

Can you play Rock Band 3 with a controller?

The controller is the default “instrument” for the vocalist so yes, you can sing but you ‘d need a mic too!

Where are dolphin controller profiles saved?

The folder in Documents is called Dolphin Emulator, and there is no User folder in it. If you want to copy all of your settings and save data, copy everything in the Dolphin Emulator folder. If you just want your controller configuration and other settings, copy the Config folder in the Dolphin Emulator folder.

Can you use a real keyboard with Rock Band 3?

Whatever line there was between playing Rock Band as a game and playing Rock Band as musical instruments has now more or less evaporated with the release of Rock Band 3. Yes, there’s a keyboard, and yes, you can add a strap to it, if that makes it a keytar for you.

Does Rock Band 4 support keyboard?

” Rock Band 4 will focus on the core experience and the roots of the franchise — guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. There will be no Pro Guitar or key support in Rock Band 4.

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How do I use my GameCube mic?

The Nintendo GameCube Microphone connects to the console using either of the two Memory Card slots. Near the top of the microphone is a blue button that, while held, allows it to receive vocal inputs that are interpreted by the game.

Why is Rock Band 3 so expensive?

A few things: PS3 RB3 is probably more expensive than Xbox360 RB3 because hard copies of the 360 version are devalued by the existence of a cheap downloadable version. Asking if anyone in r/ rockband wants to part with their copy of Rock Band 3 is silly, to put it charitably.

Does Rock Band 3 still work?

Harmonix announced the following on the official Rock Band forums: “We have an important Rock Band Network update to share. Unfortunately, ALL RBN songs on ALL legacy consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation® 3, and Nintendo Wii) will no longer be available for purchase from the Rock Band Music Store beginning later this month.

Can u play rock band with a controller?

Yes! You must have a controller synced to your console in order to navigate and therefore play Rock Band 4 with a microphone.

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