FAQ: What Is The Rock Band Club Called In Anime?

Why is it called K-on?

The title of the series comes from the Japanese word for light music, keiongaku (軽音楽, keiongaku). This is not to be confused with the western meaning of light music—a more accurate translation might be contemporary or pop music.

Is K-on an actual band?

The band is well real since the voice actors are basically the band and played the instruments and used to perform live. In the anime the girls came back from London safe and sound for their graduation. The school on the other hand is real, you can check this article about the school!

What does HTT stand for on K-on?

Pop Rock. Ho-kago Tea Time ( 放課後 ほうかご ティータイム てぃいたいむ, Ho-kago Tea Time), often abbreviated as HTT, is the main band of the series K-ON!.

Is houkago tea time a real band?

Ho-kago Tea Time (放課後ティータイム, After School Tea Time ), also known as Sakurako K-ON Bu (Sakura High Light Music Club), is a voice actor, girl band based on a fictional band in the anime K-On!. The band first performed in the anime with only four members (anime characters by the first name): Ritsu, Mio, Tsumugi, and Yui.

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Is K-on kid friendly?

The show itself, despite being a seinen(although that doesn’t mean anything, as Chi’s Sweet Home started out as a seinen manga too, but the anime is currently being aired in Italy on a preschoolers channel.), is ridiculously kid – friendly.

How old is Yui K?

Yui Hirasawa
Hirasawa Yui
Age 15-18

How did K-on end?

The manga ended once Yui and the rest left the school for college on the 9th of September 2010 but after so much buzz and love for the anime, Kakifly revived it on 8th April 2011 for Yui and rest’s live in college while another was released on the 28th of April 2011 for Azusa’s side of the story.

Did the K-on voice actors learn their instruments?

Yes, the voice actresses of K -On! did in fact sing and play musical instruments so that they can perform in concerts to commemorate the anime series. On the other hand, Satomi Satō, who voices Ritsu Tainaka, was a complete beginner and began learning the drums specifically for the role.

How tall is Yui from K-on?

Yui Hirasawa

First Appearance
Gender Female
Height 156 cm
Weight 50 kg
Hair Brown


Is K-on a good anime?

Definitely not a must watch but can be entertaining enough. I’m a fan of slice of life, so k -on is really considered THE top sol anime for me. It is pretty much normal schoolgirl daily life. Conclusion, if slice of life is not your type of thing, you might find it hard to wait until the comedy strikes.

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Why is K-on so popular?

Just by curiosity, why is the show so beloved? The show does a fantastic job of subtly building, developing, and attaching you to the characters, especially in Season 2, but also in Season 1. The buildup to the graduation finale in Season 2 is transcendent and super emotional.

Is there a K on Season 3?

While there are no confirmations on the release date, we can expect ‘ K-On’ season 3 to come out in 2021.

Where does K on take place?

K-On! is set in an unnamed town that derives many elements from Kyoto. While a class trip to Kyoto appears to obfuscate the precise location further, no major landmarks from Kyoto are shown to emphasise that the anime itself occurs in a distinct location.

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