FAQ: What Rock Band Released “jump” And “hot For Teacher”?

What Guitar Hero has hot for teacher?

Hot for Teacher
Performed by Van Halen
Year 1984
Appears in Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero: Van Halen

What happened to the woman from Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher?

The sexy educator from Van Halen ‘s famous ‘ Hot for Teacher ‘ video has resurfaced. Her name is Lillian Muller and she followed her modeling career with a gig as an inspirational speaker, personal health consultant and author.

How did they record hot for teacher drums?

The rest of it he played using two. It is a great example of double bass drumming. The album was the first recorded at Eddie Van Halen’s 5150 studio. Eddie used a Gibson flying V to record this, which allowed him to switch between pickups for the quiet and loud sections. >>

How do you get hot for teacher on Guitar Hero World Tour?


  1. Play through the career.
  2. It’s the final song in Guitar career, if that helps.
  3. I saw on X-Play that it is the toughest song in the game on expert.
  4. The quickest way of unlocking it would be entering the unlock all quickplay cheat.

Who is the girl in the Van Halen Without You video?

The ” Without You ” music video cost over $1,000,000 to make. The band footage for the music video was shot in Los Angeles, California, over January 28–29, 1998. The remaining footage was shot inside the Ice Hotel in Sweden, with model Morag Dickson. The video premiered on MTV on March 2, 1998.

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Why did David Lee Roth leaves Van Halen?

So why did David Lee Roth leave the group when he did? It seems to stem around similar reasons many of the popular music groups break up: creative differences. The breakup seemed to be slow moving in the beginning, all stemming from creative differences.

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