FAQ: What Rock Band Sang Sister Christian?

Who is the girl in the Night Ranger Sister Christian video?

Popular on Rolling Stone. Macha Bennet-Shephard, the actress in the video, gave a rare interview in 2014 in which she discussed playing the role.

What ever happened to Night Ranger?

Night Ranger is an American hard rock band from San Francisco, California. After Blades announced his departure, Night Ranger officially broke up in April 1989. Two years after disbanding, Night Ranger was reformed by Keagy and Gillis, who recruited Gary Moon as the replacement for Blades.

Is Night Ranger a hair band?

We’ve been talking about the enduring, and somewhat perplexing, appeal of Sister Christian, Night Ranger’s mammoth power ballad from 1984. It was a lighter-in-the-air anthem; a zeitgeist moment; the kind of song that can turn a B-level hard rock/ hair metal San Francisco band into worldwide headliners.

Is Night Ranger hair metal?

Best-known these days as the subject of one of comedian Patton Oswalt’s best bits, Night Ranger are a perfect example of how ridiculous hair metal already was at the outset of the 80s.

Is Night Ranger a one hit wonder?

It finished 40th on the 1984 year-end Billboard Top 100. Great Lyrics: This is basically an anthem and not a tune filled with meaningful lyrics, so whatever—don’t be a hater. Fun Fact: Many casual fans of the 80s think “Sister Christian” was a one – hit wonder for Night Ranger. That’s not true.

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Why did Night Ranger break up?

Following the release of the 1988 album, Man In Motion, Night Ranger split up for several years. What led to the break – up? Everybody was kind of going in different directions. Everybody wanted to write the songs.

Who wrote Night Ranger songs?

“Goodbye” is a power ballad by the American hard rock band Night Ranger. It was released on November 9, 1985, as the third and last single from their album 7 Wishes. It was written by guitarist Jeff Watson and singer Jack Blades.

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