FAQ: Where Is The Rock Band Jinger From?

Why is jinjer called jinjer?

If you had to do a cocktail named Jinjer what would you put in it and what effect would it have on people? Hehe, in fact there is such a cocktail in the KUNDERBUNT club in our home city of Donetsk. It was named after us. Well, it has if I am not mistaken, kahlua, sambuka, absenth and a lemon.

Does jinjer use vocal effects?

JINJER frontwoman Tatiana Shmailyuk, who possesses one of the most powerful and diverse voices on the planet, says that she has no interest in getting involved in vocal coaching at any point in the future. “No, never,” she told EMP UK in a recent interview (see video below).

How much is jinjer worth?

Jinjer Net Worth 2021 Jinjer’s revenue is $30.7K in 2021.

How do you pronounce jinjer?

Jinjer (/ˈdʒɪndʒə/ “ginger”) is a Ukrainian metalcore band from Donetsk, Ukraine. Jinjer was originally formed in 2009 by Maksym Fatullaiev (vocals), Dmitriy Oksen (rhythm guitar), and Vyacheslav Okhrimenko (drums).

What happened to Jinjers old drummer?

Yevhen Mantulin, a former drummer for us, fell out of a window and broke his spine. He is still half-paralyzed.

What happened to Jinjers original drummer?

In the midst of this, Jinjer parted ways with drummer Dmitriy Kim, who was replaced by Vlad Ulasevich. They continued to gain major exposure touring with Arch Enemy on the 2017 Will to Power Tour, and in 2018 Jinjer finally made it to North Americas in support of Cradle of Filth and later with DevilDriver.

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How many albums has jinjer sold?

The band — perhaps best known for its song “Pisces,” which has earned 28 million YouTube views — has sold 50,000 equivalent album units and logged 41.3 million streams, according to Nielsen Music.

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