FAQ: Which Rock Band Played Bass On Rhodes?

Who played Fender Rhodes?

Billy Preston was described as the “Ruler of the Rhodes ” by Music Radar; he played Rhodes during the Beatles’ rooftop concert in 1969, and on the Beatles’ hit single “Get Back”. Many of Stevie Wonder’s recordings from the 1970s feature him playing the Rhodes, often alongside the Hohner Clavinet.

How much is a Fender Rhodes worth?

Many Rhodes owners are simply unaware that the instruments’ have value in today’s musical landscape. Most Rhodes that we follow on the Chicago area craigslist sell within a single one or two weeks when listed between $300-1,000 in average unserviced condition.

Who is Joe Bonamassa’s bass player?

Michael Rhodes is an American bass player, known for his session work and touring in support of other artists, and his collaborations in bands and ensembles. Michael Rhodes (musician)

Michael Rhodes
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Bass
Years active 1976–present
Associated acts The Cicadas, The Notorious Cherry Bombs, Joe Bonamassa

How do you date a Fender Rhodes piano?

There are two 4-digit date codes, one on the pickup rail and one on the tonebar rail. The code on the pickup rail is located on the right-hand side, beneath the part number. The first two digits indicate the week of the year, and the last two indicate the year (e.g. 0978 = 09th week of 1978, sometime in early March).

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Are Fender Rhodes still made?

Fender was the original manufacturer of Rhodes pianos, and they no longer make them. There is a company that started out making replacement parts for various vintage electric pianos, and now makes entire replicas of some of them, including the Rhodes.

Are Fender Rhodes weighted keys?

The Rhodes pianos were heavy to move around, but had a great sound. They were extremely complex and are more similar to an acoustic piano than they are to a synthesizer based instrument. There were two popular models a 76 note and an 88 note. Each key was wooden weighted, just like a real piano.

Why are Fender Rhodes so expensive?

They’re expensive to produce and sell, are very heavy, and are no longer needed for the purpose they were first created (to be a portable acoustic piano replacement).

How heavy is a Fender Rhodes?

Weight: Approx. 130-140 lbs.

Who is Joe Bonamassa wife?

Joe Bonamassa’s Family – Wife /Girlfriend The award-winning musician is currently single. He was previously in a romantic relationship with Sandi Thom for a very long time but the love affair hit rock bottom in 2015 and Sandi has moved on with her life as she is presently married to Matt Benson.

How many guitars does Joe Bonamassa own?

In a 2019 Guitar World interview, Bonamassa revealed that he has more than 400 guitars and 400 amplifiers.

When was the Fender Rhodes invented?

This electric piano was made by the Fender Rhodes Company in Fullerton, California around 1971-1973. It is a Mark I stage piano, which was produced from 1969-1975.

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When was the Rhodes piano made?

To bring a small, portable piano to bedridden patients, in 1942 he built a 29-note keyboard using aluminum tubing from a B-17 to make a xylophone-like instrument, called the Army Air Corps lap model piano. After the war, he founded the Rhodes Piano Corporation, which built what he called the Pre- Piano in 1946.

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