FAQ: Whose The Rock Band That Plays In Rollerball?

Who is the band in Rollerball?

Rollerball are an Australian stoner rock band formed in the Gold Coast, Queensland in 1998 and named after the 1975 film. Rollerball ( band )

Members Matt “Tenpin” Boland Dave Talon Stew “Boots” Maclennan Cam “Cracker” Roach

Is Keanu Reeves in Rollerball?

Without even the context of good action sequences, ` Rollerball ‘ is forced to fall back on its dialogue and characters, which proves to be disastrous for all concerned. Chris Klein, in the role of hotshot Jonathon Cross – played by James Caan in the original – comes across as a minor league version of Keanu Reeves.

Who plays Aurora in Rollerball?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Chris Klein Jonathan Cross
Rebecca Romijn Aurora (as Rebecca Romijn -Stamos)
Naveen Andrews Sanjay
Oleg Taktarov Denekin
David Hemblen Serokin


Who is in Corey Taylor solo band?

Slipknot  1997. Stone Sour  2002. Kings of Chaos 2013. – 2014. Junk Beer Kidnap Band / Taylor, for his part, is completely unmasked on his debut solo album “CMFT” (the title is an explicit acronym for his name), out Friday. The 13-track effort is a stark departure from the kind of songs he made with Slipknot or Stone Sour, the hard rock band he co-founded in 1992.

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Is Rollerball a real sport?

Let’s face it: most fictional sports created for the screen or page tend to come across as contrived, silly and, well, fictional. “ Rollerball ” is not one of them. Rollerball was invented by author William Harrison in his short story “ Roller Ball Murder,” which first appeared in the September 1973 issue of Esquire.

Where was Rollerball 1975?

The rollerball game sequences were filmed in the Basketballhalle (now known as the Audi Dome) at Olympiapark in Munich, West Germany. This was the only sports arena in the world with a nearly circular footprint, which the production could take over and re-dress for shooting.

Why is Rollerball rated R?

Rated R for strong, intense sports action sequences.

What year was the movie Rollerball set in?

In the year 2018, in the cult-classic film Rollerball ( 1975 ), nations have gone bankrupt. Corporations rule a world of docile, vapid customer-citizens who are constantly surveilled. They’re fed happy pills, bought off with small luxuries, and distracted with a perilous, gladiatorlike roller sport (with motorcycles!).

How does Rollerball end?

In the original ending, Petrovich gets killed by Sanjay and Jonathan and Aurora fly back to the US, during which Jonathan says that he will continue playing the Rollerball game in the US, and how he is now part owner of the game.

Did Corey Taylor leave Stone Sour?

Recently, Taylor dropped some news about his other band, Stone Sour. The band is sadly on indefinite hiatus, he revealed. “I feel like Stone Sour has kinda run its course for now,” Taylor said.

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How much is Slipknot worth?

How much is Slipknot Worth? Slipknot Net Worth: Slipknot is an American metal band who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. Slipknot is comprised of Shawn Crahan, Craig Jones, Mick Thomson, Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Chris Fehn and Jim Root.

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