FAQ: Why Would A Rock Band Drummer Not Just Play An Electronic Drum Kit?

Do professional drummers use electronic drums?

Most drummers are looking for the best of both of these worlds, and that is where hybrid drums come in. Hybrid drums are the perfect combination of acoustic and electronic drums. Drummers can include electronic elements with their current acoustic drum kit by including triggers, drum pads, and drum modules.

Can you use electronic drums with rock band?

Supported electronic drumkits on both consoles include the ION Rock Band Drum Rockers and nearly every electronic kit with MIDI-Out capabilities. Xbox One: You will need an Xbox 360 Rock Band 3 MadCatz MIDI Pro Adapter AND a PDP Wired Legacy Adapter to use your ekit in Rock Band 4.

Can rock band make you a better drummer?

The answer is of course, absolutely not. I definitely found improvement in my own playing after a week of a lot of Rock Band 2. Tempo maintenance get way better, as did my ability to listen to the other instruments and think about fills before the time arrived.

Are electronic drums any good?

No matter how good electronic drums have become, they simply do not feel the same, or have the same response as a real drum or cymbal. This may or may not be an issue for you, but those beginners who rarely play acoustic drums can find it a tough transition.

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Why are electronic drums so expensive?

The main reason electronic drums are so expensive is that they cost a lot to make. They involve a lot of different components, and to get a reliably good sound and feel, the parts are more expensive. On top of this, the research costs and development of the products probably plays some part in the price, too.

Do you need special drumsticks for electronic drums?

For the electronic drums, you should use nylon-tipped drumsticks. These heads are delicate and costlier than the sticks. Make sure the drum heads are tough and durable so they can last longer. This is why you should invest in drumsticks with nylon tips, even if your regular drums use wooden sticks.

Why are Rock Band guitars so expensive?

They’re out of production and out of stock most anywhere. Your best bet is to look for used last-gen wireless equipment. If you’re on Xbox One, you’ll need the wireless legacy adapter to do that, those might be much easier to find.

How accurate are rock band drums?

Out of all instruments in the game, pro drums is the most realistic although there’s a lot of things missing from rockband drums like how to make a groove or fill sound good, rock band just worries about if you’re hitting the correct notes which is not the primary concern when you’re drumming irl.

Are rock band drums good for learning?

What you learn in Rock Band is close to real drumming, but there are limitations. To the game, you either hit the drum on time, or you don’t. So you could learn to play a part such that Rock Band would give you a perfect score, but it would sound awful. Rock Band doesn’t teach you technique.

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Should I buy acoustic or electronic drums?

Hands down, electronic kits have the edge in terms of sound control. Due to their wall-penetrating bass frequencies, practicing on acoustic drums is virtually impossible in an apartment complex or within a quiet neighborhood.

Do electronic drums feel like acoustic?

Electric Drums An electric drum kit is essentially a collection of sample pads set up in the same way as an acoustic drum kit. The pads themselves are designed to produce little acoustic sound, other than the dead sound of the wooden drum sticks hitting rubber.

Can you teach yourself to play the drums?

You can teach yourself drums if you have the dedication, discipline, and willingness to practice. This article goes through 7 great tips to get you started. There are many instructional videos and books that you can get your hands on. You can learn the basics of drums in the space of a few weeks.

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