How Can I Get My Rock Band A Tour In Europe?

How do I book a European music tour?

Start a spreadsheet with your list of dates, cities, potential venues, bands and promoter to contact. Make your pitch emails as specific, but also as brief, as possible. You’ll be more likely to get a response if you’re not sending a form template email. Be sure to include your music, bio, social media links, etc.

How do bands get their equipment overseas?

While most services are hired overseas, the band is likely to take their own people and on stage equipment. That means the back line techs pack the equipment that band members are using. The production manager and stage manager are making sure all the documentation is in place for customs.

How do bands travel on tour?

When touring a particular country, most bands and artists will map out a route that enables them to travel by van or bus. This saves them having to dart all over a country via airplane. Efficient: Musicians can fly virtually anywhere within a matter of hours.

Is the band Europe still touring?

Europe, the Swedish rock group have had a turbulent career ranging from huge international commerciality to an eleven year hiatus. Now back firmly in the world of recording and touring, they continue to travel the globe and demonstrate their reputation as one of Sweden’s most successful rock bands.

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Which countries do bands travel to most?

Complete List of Countries Visited

Sr. No. Country Cities
1 United States 367
2 Philippines 31
3 Saudi Arabia 2
4 Bahrain 1


How do you travel with music equipment?

Airlines must accommodate musical instruments as carry-on items as long as there is room available in the overhead bin or under-seat area at the time of boarding and the instrument can be safely stowed. Instruments should be in a case or cover to avoid injuring passengers.

How much do band members make on tour?

As of May 10, 2021, the average annual pay for a Touring Musician in the United States is $49,315 a year.

How much does a band tour cost?

According to Statista, the average ticket price for music tour admission in 2018 worldwide was $94.31, up from $84.63 in 2017. Since we’re all fairly used to paying these prices to see some of our favorite big acts, we often don’t question it.

Do artists get tired of touring?

Many musicians feed off the audience response so if the audience is digging it they’ re feeling good. If audience is a complete dud, the show will probably feel sad. If you are lucky enough to earn a living playing music, no. Today a band makes most of its income from touring.

How much is the band Europe worth?

Europe (Band) Net Worth: $52 Millions

Per Day: Per Hour: Per Minute:
$13,698.63 $570.78 $9.51

Who is the lead singer for Europe?

Joey Tempest, the chatty lead singer of the Swedish hard-rock band Europe, was giving an impromptu demonstration of why singing rock in Swedish sounds horrible.

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