Often asked: How To Use A Rock Band Microphone As A Pc Mic?

Can you use a rock band mic on PC?

All you ‘ll need to connect your Rock Band microphone to a personal computer is an empty USB port. Start digitally recording with your Rock Band mic today.

Can I use a rock band mic?

The Official Logitech High Quality USB microphone will work with any system with USB ports (Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, etc). It is compatible with any game requiring a USB microphone (like Rock Band 1 & 2, Singstar, Karaoke Revolution, Boogie, etc)! You can even use it with PC games!

Is the rock band mic a good mic?

The sound quality just beats everything else I’ve used, and everyone that’s heard me on it says it sounds better than anything else they’ve heard. Plus, it works great for Rock Band and Guitar Hero games. As a USB microphone, its uses are large in number, and I definitely recommend it for nearly all of them.

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Can you use a guitar hero mic on your computer?

Just plug the microphone into an available USB slot and wait a while. If you are on an earlier system than Windows XP then you will probably have to find the drivers yourself.

How do you use the mic in Rock Band?

Press any button on a Wii remote to turn it on and sync it to the console. With the ” Rock Band ” game running, you may use the remote to scroll through menus and sign the microphone in so the game detects it. The remote also changes microphone settings, such as volume.

Can you use a rock band mic for karaoke?

Yes, but only in Rock Band 3. This is called “all instruments mode” (AIM) and can be enabled in the per-user overshell settings. That’s the menu at the bottom of the screen for each player. In AIM, there is no vocalist player with a controller, it’s basically karaoke mode.

How do you connect the microphone to Rock Band Wii?

Plug the USB hub into one of the two USBports on the back of the Wii. Plug the microphone,drum set and wireless guitar dongle into the USB hub. Turnon the system and insert the Rock Band disc.

How do I get my USB mic to work on my PC?

Open the computer’s audio input/output and select the USB microphone to be the computer’s input audio device. Open the computer’s audio input/output and select the USB microphone to be the computer’s out audio device if you want headphone monitoring from the mic. Unmute the microphone if it is muted.

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Can Wii microphone work on the computer?

yes! it’s a universal microphone that plugs in through any usb port. as long as you are using a video game system with a usb port.

How good is Guitar Hero microphone?

Pros: This microphone feels sturdy and well made, when you hold in your hand it feels as if it’s a real microphone. I don’t feel like I am going to break it when I play guitar hero. The vocals can be heard well in the game and perhaps can be a little loud.

Does Guitar Hero have microphone?

Guitar Hero Live will allow players to sing as well as play guitar, developer FreeStyleGames confirmed today in a behind-the-scenes video. If you plug in a microphone, a lyrics module will appear in the in-game interface above the note highway, and you can start singing along.

Can you play guitar hero with just a microphone?

Yes, audio alone is an option but beware that audio is quite hard. Not sure why, just my personal experience. I can get all the stars with Rock Band audio but Guitar Hero: Van Halen left me blow a fan into the microphone and on the easiest node.

How do you use the microphone on Guitar Hero?

Press the Start button to reach your player options. Plug in a Logitech-compatible USB microphone into one of the console’s USB ports. Set the Toggle Vocal option to On.

How do I connect my microphone to Rock Band 4?

For the microphone, just plug it in and use a regular DualShock 4 controller. Turn on the device that you wish to connect by holding the PS button on the front. The light should start flashing blue, but it isn’t quite ready to connect.

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How do you connect a microphone to the Wii?

Microphone Setup Simply power down the Wii and connect the USB connector to an available USB port on the Wii. When you next start up the Wii, the console will take a few moments to detect the microphone. As long the microphone is indeed compatible, it should be ready for use when you launch a game.

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