Often asked: “incense And Peppermints” Is A Song Released In 1967 By Which Rock Band?

Who wrote the song incense and peppermint?

John S. Carter Incense And Peppermints / “Incense and Peppermints” is a song by the Los Angeles-based psychedelic rock band Strawberry Alarm Clock. The song is officially credited as having been written by John S. Carter and Tim Gilbert, although it was based on an instrumental idea by band members Mark Weitz and Ed King.

What happened to the lead singer of Strawberry Alarm Clock?

Founding member Lee Freeman (born November 8, 1949) died on February 14, 2010, at the age of 60, from complications arising from cancer. Carrying on as Strawberry Alarm Clock were Weitz, Seol, Bunnell, Gunnels, and Anderson (with Bartek appearing as his schedule permitted).

When was Incense and Peppermints released?

Incense and Peppermints is the debut album by psychedelic rock band Strawberry Alarm Clock. Released in October 1967, the album reached No. 11 on the Billboard 200 album charts and included the band’s No.

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