Often asked: What Is That Song With The Lyrics Black Lace Played By A Rock Band?

What songs did black lace do?

“Birds Dance” has since been retitled “The Birdie Song” and included on Black Lace albums. The band’s biggest success came in 1984 with the single ” Agadoo “, selling over one million copies worldwide and reaching No. 2 in the UK chart. ” Agadoo ” was a hit in Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Who sang black lace?

Terry Dobson ( singer )
Occupation(s) Drummer, author, businessman, manager
Instruments Vocals, drums
Years active 1969–present
Associated acts Black Lace

Who died in black lace?

Alan Barton
Born 16 September 1953 Barnsley, Yorkshire, England
Died 23 March 1995 (aged 41) Cologne, Germany
Genres Rock, pop
Occupation(s) Singer

Who did Agado?

” Agadoo ” is a novelty song recorded by the band Black Lace in 1984. ” Agadoo ” peaked at number two in the UK Singles Chart, and spent 30 weeks in the top 75.

Who is Dean Michael pop star?

Dene Michael had it all during the 80s – but now life has taken a drastic turn downhill. The former 80s pop star rose to fame as a member of the band Black Lace, who became face for their novelty party record ‘Agadoo’.

Where was agadoo video filmed?

The new mix has now been recorded, and a video shot at Albir, on the Costa Blanca, featuring former Coronation Street actors Bruce Jones, who played Les Battersby, Kevin Kennedy, who was “Curly” Watts, and stars from the ITV series Benidorm.

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What was the B side to agadoo?

Agadoo was also used as the basis of a chant by Liverpool fans for defender Daniel Agger. Black Lace recorded an X-rated version of the song entitled “Have a Screw”. It was released on the B – side of the 12-inch vinyl “Gang Bang”. Anarchist band Chumbawamba recorded a version of ” Agadoo ” for the Peel Sessions.

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