Often asked: What Movie Has The Line The Kinks Are The Most Underrated Rock Band?

Who is the most underrated rock band of all time?

  1. The Kinks. The Kinks will always occupy an important place in rock music history thanks to their early hit “You Really Got Me,” which was one of the first rock songs to use guitar distortion.
  2. Deep Purple.
  3. Blue Öyster Cult.
  4. Big Star.
  5. The Animals.
  6. Little Feat.
  7. Roxy Music.
  8. Squeeze.

Are the Kinks underrated?

Nowadays The Kinks have been called “The greatest and most underrated rock ‘n’ roll band of all time”. Ray Davies is often cited as being as good a songwriter as John Lennon and McCartney and The Kinks ‘ best music still resonates today, a fact that is shown by the use of their songs in commercials.

Why the kinks are underrated?

Retrospectively, it seems like the Kinks are definitely underrated (in the US, anyway) in part because they were banned from touring in the US for four years – 1965-69 – so during the height of the British Invasion in the US, when The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and others were taking over the American music market, they

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Are the Kinks better than the Beatles?

Originally Answered: Where the Kinks better than the Beatles and Stones? They were darn good but not quite in the league of the other two. They have some very good songs but they don’t have the consistency of the Beatles or the 1960’s – early 1970’s Stones.

What is the most underrated song?

Here are just a few of the most underrated songs by your faves:

  1. 1. ” Fools Gold” by One Direction.
  2. 2. ” Rain” by Kid Kudi.
  3. 3. ” Lover to Lover” by Florence + the Machine.
  4. 4. ” All Too Well” by Taylor Swift.
  5. 5. ” Tomorrow Is Today” by Billy Joel.
  6. 6. ” 5 Year Plan” by Chance the Rapper.
  7. 7. “ Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran.
  8. 8. “

Why is deep purple so underrated?

They are a band who have a huge impact on hard rock and heavy metal music. i agree that they are underrated in america and i think it’s because of the prog influence. they were just slightly headier than zeppelin and sabbath which made them just a little less appreciated by a wider audience.

What did the Beatles think of the Kinks?

What did The Beatles think of The Kinks? John Lennon is quoted as saying he wished The Beatles could harmonise like The Kinks. According to Ray Davies, “Someone had seen John Lennon in a club and he kept on asking the disc jockey to play ‘Wonder Boy’ over and over again”.

How did the kinks get their name?

‘” Ray Davies’ account conflicts with Wace’s—he recalled that the name was coined by Larry Page, and referenced their “kinky” fashion sense. Davies quoted him as saying, “The way you look, and the clothes you wear, you ought to be called the Kinks.” “I’ve never really liked the name “, Ray stated.

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Why were the kinks banned from the USA?

It gained the band a notorious reputation. Not because they were as loud as The Who or caused as much pandemonium as The Beatles, but because off-stage the crew were a real handful. Their offstage behaviour quickly saw the group banned from the United States.

Are the Kinks A good band?

The Kinks were also too punky and sloppy. Their originals sound great; their covers sound like a garage band — which is fine, and it was highly influential in the garage rock revival of 1966, but people like smooth melodic music for the most part. Their records are frankly some of the worst sounding records of the 60s.

Why did Pete Quaife leave the kinks?

He later said that he had enjoyed the time off from the band, as he was sick of the conflict which was constant. John Dalton replaced him, as Quaife resigned from the band as a result of his hospitalisation, but Quaife reconsidered and returned in November 1966.

Did the kinks hate the Beatles?

In the August 1966, The Kinks ‘ Ray Davies reviewed The Beatles ‘ latest album, Revolver, for Disc and Music Echo Magazine. He didn’t like it. In fact he thought it was garbage, or “rubbish” as we Brits say, and that was even after listening to each track three or four times.

Did the kinks ever meet the Beatles?

The Kinks were on before the Beatles at a concert in Bournemouth in 1964. John insulted The Kinks before their set.

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How was the sound of the kinks different from the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

They didn’t chart a single until their most famous song, You Really Got Me, in 1964. Their original sound was much like that of the Rolling Stones. Their songs were very energetic and had a fuzzy guitar sound. The Kinks sometimes wore matching suits, always dressing more like the Beatles than the Rolling Stones.

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