Often asked: What Rock Band Sung Faith Healer?

What happened to the Sensational Alex Harvey Band?

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band then recorded 1978’s Rock Drill, with Tommy Eyre replacing Hugh McKenna. They disbanded shortly afterwards. Harvey died of heart failure on 4 February 1982 in Belgium.

Who played guitar for The Sensational Alex Harvey Band?

Zal Cleminson
Background information
Instruments Guitar, vocals
Years active 1965–2008, 2017–present
Associated acts Sin Dogs, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Nazareth, Tear Gas, The Party Boys, Bo-Weavels, Mitzie & The Brotherhood, Z Suicide, Oskura, The Zal Band, Elkie Brooks, Midge Ure, Bonnie Tyler, Tandoori Cassette


Did Alex Harvey have children?

Personal life. Harvey was married twice and had two sons, one from each marriage.

When did Alex Harvey band form?

In 1972 Harvey caught the new progressive bug and formed The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (aka SAHB) with Cleminson, bassist Chris Glen (ex Tear Gas) and Hugh and Ted McKenna on keyboards and drums (also ex Tear Gas).

What school did Alex Harvey go to?

It’s fair to say that Alex Harvey came from the school of hard knocks. Born on February 5, 1935, Harvey was raised in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, Scotland.

What songs did Alex Harvey write?

Among Harvey’s other hits and well-known songs were “Baby, Baby I Know You’re a Lady” (David Houston), “Hell and High Water” (T. Graham Brown), “Rings” (Lobo), “Makin’ Music for Money” (Jimmy Buffett), and “Somebody New” (Billy Ray Cyrus).

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How long is faith healer play?

two hours and 25 mins with no interval. All performance times are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

What happens at the end of faith healer?

Teddy’s monologue reveals that Grace dies by suicide, while Hardy ponders whether his gift is real or not. In his second monologue, it is suggested that he is killed near his home after being unable to heal a cripple.

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