Often asked: What Rock Band Wrote Tommy?

Is The Who’s Tommy a true story?

It’s expressed by Tommy (the real self) who can see nothing but his reflection (illusory self) in the mirror – “There had to be a loophole so I could show this. The boy has closed himself up completely as a result of the murder and his parents’ pressures, and the only thing he can see is his reflection in the mirror.

When was Tommy written?

Tommy was written in 1968 and recorded by the Who in 1969. Three years later a version of the opera was recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Was Tommy the first rock opera?

Neil Strauss of The New York Times wrote that S.F. Sorrow (1968) by The Pretty Things is “generally acknowledged as the first rock opera “. Scott Mervis of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote that, although Tommy was not the first rock opera, it was the first album to be billed as such.

How old was Pete Townshend when he wrote Tommy?

Pete Townshend was barely 20 years old when he and The Who recorded his classic 1965 song of youthful independence, “My Generation,” with its defiant declaration: “Hope I die before I get old.” How does he feel today, 54 years later?

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What did Uncle Ernie do to Tommy?

When the parents leave, Ernie takes advantage of Tommy’s blindness, deafness, and dumbness by sexually molesting him, in an attempt to do it behind his parents’ back so no one would know about it and he can get away with it.

What does Tommy mean?

The name Tommy is a boy’s name meaning “twin”.

Did Jack Nicholson sing in Tommy?

Jack Nicholson had previously sang in a film, “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever,” but, though his small role in the film remains, his song does not.

Does Netflix have Tommy?

Watch Tommy on Netflix Today!

Did Tommy die in power?

While Power Book 2 has been died quite closely to the original Power, with characters like Tariq, Tasha and Tommy crossing over, with Tommy legally dead in New York he will have to keep a low profile in Los Angeles, meaning that his former associates are unlikely to be back for Force.

Is Queen a rock opera?

The album has been affiliated with progressive rock, pop, heavy metal, hard rock and avant-pop. It contains a diverse range of influences including folk, skiffle, British camp and music hall, jazz and opera.

Is hair a rock opera?

Hair: The American Tribal Love- Rock Musical is a rock musical with a book and lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado and music by Galt MacDermot.

What was the first rock song to become famous around the world?

“Crazy Man, Crazy” by Bill Haley and his Comets, recorded in April 1953, was the first of his recordings to make the Billboard pop chart. This was not a cover, but an original composition, and has been described “the first rock and roll song to be a hit on the pop charts”.

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Why is teenage wasteland called Baba O Riley?

Townshend originally wrote ” Baba O’Riley ” for his Lifehouse project, a rock opera intended as the follow-up to the Who’s 1969 opera, Tommy. The song’s title combines the names of Meher Baba and Terry Riley, two of Townshend’s philosophical and musical mentors.

Is Pete Townshend deaf?

Co-founder Pete Townsend also has hearing problems of his own. Townsend wears hearing aids, although unlike Daltrey he links his hearing loss to listening to music through amplified headphones when he was younger, instead of loud concert music.

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