Often asked: Which Famous Rock Band Took Their Name From A Muddy Waters Hit Song?

Which of the following bands took its name after a Muddy Waters song?

1. The Rolling Stones, originally the Rollin’ Stones, from “Rollin’ Stone”, by Muddy Waters, a reinterpretation of “Catfish Blues”, a 1920s blues standard.

What was Muddy Waters real name?

Muddy Waters, byname of McKinley Morganfield, (born April 4, 1913?, near Rolling Fork, Mississippi, U.S.—died April 30, 1983, Westmont, Illinois), dynamic American blues guitarist and singer who played a major role in creating the post-World War II electric blues.

What single was muddy waters first hit record?

Two songs were released on a 78 rpm record, “Country Blues” and “I Be’s Troubled”. After moving to Chicago, he recorded for Leonard Chess and Aristocrat issued Waters’s first single in 1947.

Are the Rolling Stones named after the Bob Dylan song?

The name of it is Rolling Stone which comes from an old saying, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” Muddy Waters used the name for a song he wrote. The Rolling Stones took their name from Muddy’s song. “Like a Rolling Stone ” was the title of Bob Dylan’s first rock and roll record.

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What does muddy water mean?

to make a situation more confused and less easy to understand or deal with. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Puzzle and confuse.

What are good band names that aren’t taken?

150 Free Unused Band Names, Massive Local Music Database, Tower Bar Rebuilt, more

  • Logan ‘s Sun.
  • Icy London.
  • Giant Rats of Sumatra.
  • Klondike Kittens.
  • Finches of Attica.

How much is Muddy Waters worth?

Muddy Waters Net Worth

Net Worth: $5 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 4, 1913 – Apr 30, 1983 (70 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Bandleader
Nationality: United States of America

How did little waters die?

Today marks 49 years since harmonica pioneer “ Little Walter” Jacobs died as a result of injuries he sustained during a fight at a Chicago bar the previous night (he was taking a break from performing when the altercation occurred).

How did Muddy Waters influence the blues?

Muddy is famous for helping to invent the Chicago blues, a style of music that fused the rural, acoustic Mississippi Delta blues with the sounds of the electric guitar. Muddy’s greatest influences were blues legends Son House, Robert Johnson, and Big Bill Broonzy.

What Muddy Waters song did the Rolling Stones record?

Rollin’ Stone

” Rollin’ Stone “
Genre Blues, electric blues
Length 3:05
Label Chess
Songwriter(s) Muddy Waters (credited)

What was the original name of the Rolling Stones?

According to Richards, Jones named the band during a phone call to Jazz News. When asked by a journalist for the band’s name, Jones saw a Muddy Waters LP lying on the floor; one of the tracks was “Rollin’ Stone”.

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Who was Bob Dylan singing about in like a rolling stone?

Bob from Ny, Ny Dylan’s song Like a rolling stone is about Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol and himself. Dylan along with other’s tried to get Edie away from Warhol but she couldnt stay away from Warhol and the Factory. From beginning to end the description of the girl is Edie Sedgwick, look up her bio.

What was the Rolling Stones first hit?

The Rolling Stones ‘ version of “It’s All Over Now” is the most famous version of the song. It was first released as a single in the UK, where it peaked at number 1 on the UK Singles Chart, giving the Rolling Stones their first number one hit. Charts.

Chart (1964) Peak position
US Billboard Hot 100 26

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