Often asked: Which Progressive Rock Group Combined Rock Band Instruments With Strings?

What bands combined progressive rock and glam?

British bands such as Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) also reworked the progressive rock style. Queen, led by Freddie Mercury and Brian May, was influenced by the late Beatles, glam, and progressive rock; Mercury’s death of AIDS in 1991 raised awareness of the disease and of sexual stereotypes in rock.

Which was the most successful group out of CBGB?

Here are ten that sealed its reputation.

  • Ramones/Angel And The Snake (16 August 1974)
  • Patti Smith/Television (23 March 1975)
  • Heartbreakers/Talking Heads/Blondie (15 August 1975)
  • Damned/Dead Boys (7-10 April 1977)
  • Misfits (18 April 1977)
  • Frank Furter And The Hot Dogs (13 January 1978)
  • The Police (20 October 1978)

What was the name of the Manhattan club that became the home of the New York punk scene group of answer choices?


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Location Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.
Owner Hilly Kristal
Capacity 350
Opened December 10, 1973


What does AOR stand for quizlet?

Terms in this set (40) In the context of FM radio, what does AOR stand for? album-oriented rock.

Who is the king of glam rock?

40 Years On, Marc Bolan Remains the Prince of Glam Rock | AnotherMan.

Are KISS glam rock?

Known for their makeup, big hair and outrageous costumes, Kiss was among the biggest acts of the 1970s, coming out of the glam rock era with hits including “ Rock and Roll All Nite.”

What bands started punk rock?

Green Day, the Ramones, Patti Smith and more make the punk album list. Punk rock started in 1976 on New York’s Bowery, when four cretins from Queens came up with a mutant strain of blitzkrieg bubblegum. The revolution they inspired split the history of rock & roll in half.

What bands played at Cbgbs?

Founded on the Bowery in New York City by Hilly Kristal in 1973; CBGB was originally intended to feature its namesake musical styles, but became a forum for American punk and new wave bands like the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Misfits, Television, Patti Smith Group, The Dead Boys, The Dictators, The Cramps, and

Why did CBGB close down?

It’s been 10 years since CBGB, the infamous birthplace of punk, closed its doors for good to the public. The country blues-turned-punk club officially shut down Oct. 15, 2006, after a losing a deal to renew the lease with their landlord, Bowery Residents’ Committee. The final concert was headlined by Patti Smith.

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Which is a rock band formed in New York in 1967?

___ tull, rock band formed in 1967 (6)
___ Tull, rock band formed in 1967 (6)
English rock band formed in 1967 in which Peter Gabriel was original lead vocalist (7)


What groups in New York helped create this new sound?

It was developed by mid-1960s groups of New York City-area Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants to the United States, such as Machito and Tito Puente, with later variants such as salsa dura. Salsa, along with other Latin American genres, has become extremely popular in New York.

Why do people call NYC the center of the jazz scene?

Thanks to the excitement of the Big Apple and the variety of establishments in which to perform, NYC was known as the focus of the jazz world by 1930. With the end of prohibition in 1933, jazz clubs in NYC became the places to see and be seen, with visits from movie stars and celebrity guests.

What must an album do to receive a platinum?

In the United States, platinum certification means that an album has sold 1 million copies or that a single has sold 2 million copies.

How does Boston’s More Than a Feeling feature musical progressive rock touches?

How does Boston’s “ More Than a Feeling ” feature musical progressive rock touches? It incorporates harmonized guitar parts and demonstrates classical music sensibility. Andy Warhol produced an album for which band?

How was Rush influenced by progressive rock?

These albums saw the band members expanding the progressive elements in their music. “As our tastes got more obscure,” Lee said in an interview, “we discovered more progressive rock -based bands like Yes, Van der Graaf Generator and King Crimson, and we were very inspired by those bands.

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