Question: How To Do Good Drum Fills In Rock Band 2?

How do you get good at drums in rock band?


  1. “Play” the drums; don’t fight them.
  2. Don’t play the drums too hard.
  3. The way to get good at Rock Band is to simply do it a lot.
  4. If you don’t have natural rhythm and are struggling with the drums, don’t sweat it.
  5. Check out the many resouces and drum lessons links at

When should you play drum fills?

A drum fill is a featured drum part that comes during transition points within a piece of music. Often, drum fills occur on the final bar of a section, such as the end of a verse going into a pre-chorus or when a pre-chorus transitions into a chorus.

Where do drum fills go?

A drum fill is a short phrase dropped into the main groove of a drum track every eight or 16 bars (generally speaking) in order to energise the transition between sections of a song (verse to chorus, for example) or individual sub-sections within a section (bar 4 of the middle 8, for example.

Can you learn drums from rock band?

What you learn in Rock Band is close to real drumming, but there are limitations. To the game, you either hit the drum on time, or you don’t. So you could learn to play a part such that Rock Band would give you a perfect score, but it would sound awful. Rock Band doesn’t teach you technique.

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How long should a drum fill be?

You can play a drum fill for as long as you want, but there are three common durations for fills that you’ll hear regularly in rock music: the full bar (the longest), the half bar, and the quarter bar (the shortest). The main goal is to internalize the timing of these fills so you know when to start, and when to stop.

What is a fill in a drum beat?

For example, a drummer may fill in the end of one phrase with a sixteenth note hi-hat pattern, and then fill in the end of the next phrase with a snare drum figure. In drumming, a fill is defined as a “short break in the groove –a lick that ‘fills in the gaps’ of the music and/or signals the end of a phrase.

Why do drummers play drum fills in songs?

What Do I Play? If the song is making a natural transition, such as from the verse to the chorus, play a drum fill according to how much the energy of the song changes between those parts.

How many drum fills in a song?

Drum fills are rhythmic patterns that either elaborate on or break from the main groove of a song. They’re typically used as a transition between song sections, and often come after two, four or eight measures. Fill lengths vary and depend on the musical context.

What are linear fills?

Linear drumming is a drum kit playing style in which no drum, cymbal, or other drum component hits simultaneously. Unlike other forms of time keeping and fills, there is no layering of parts. For example, if playing a cymbal, no other drum set voice, such as a snare or bass drum, would be hit at the same time.

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