Question: Our.Lady Of.Peace Rock Band What Does.Clumsy.Mean?

Is Our Lady Peace a religious band?

And the poem was called ‘ Our Lady Peace. ‘ “About the band being a Christian band,” he says. “You know, we’re not devil worshipers or anything, but we’re not a religious band in that sense — in an organized religion sense.”

Why did Mike Turner leave Our Lady Peace?

Turner left Our Lady Peace in late 2001, citing musical and creative differences. Following his departure he stated that he and the band were growing in different directions.

Is Our Lady Peace a good band?

Our Lady Peace has been described as grunge, post-grunge, alternative rock, and hard rock. In the band’s early years, especially on Naveed and Clumsy, their overall sound was often compared to alternative rock and grunge bands including Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Pearl Jam.

Who is the singer of Our Lady Peace?

Our Lady Peace singer Raine Maida gets why people might not look back fondly on the radio rock of the late ’90s.

How many albums has Our Lady Peace sold?

Our Lady Peace holds the record for the most Much Music Video Awards with 10 wins in total. 4-time Juno Award Winner. Multiple gold, platinum and double platinum selling albums. The band has sold over 5 million albums worldwide.

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Why did Raine Maida change his name?

His real name is Mike. He changed it to Raine because there was already a Mike in the band. 6. Our Lady Peace released not one, but two greatest hits collections: A Decade, and The Very Best of Our Lady Peace (Superman’s Dead live, anyone?).

What is Raine Maida worth?

Raine Maida net worth: Raine Maida is a Canadian musician who has a net worth of $3 million. Raine Maida has earned his net worth as lead vocalist and primary songwriter for the alternative rock band Our Lady Peace.

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