Question: The Styx Rock Band Where Are They From?

What nationality is Dennis DeYoung?

Dennis DeYoung (born February 18, 1947) is an American singer-songwriter, musician and producer.

Who are the original members of Styx?

Equinox, Styx’s fifth studio album, was released 44 years ago today on December 1, 1975 on A&M Records. Co- founding members James “JY” Young and Chuck Panozzo, along with Tommy Shaw and Lawrence Gowan, exclusively tell us how this album changed Styx forever.

Why was Styx hated?

It wasn’t the band people – including those IN Styx – hated,it was that a lot of the songs were “sappy” love songs (“Babe”,being the perfect example.),whilst those IN the band weren’t too into the whole “Concept Album” format,which Dennis DeYoung subconsciously led the band into (although,that format produced two of

Why did Styx split up?

The group disbanded in 1984. In the years following, DeYoung says that Young was angry at Shaw and wanted to find a new guitarist — an idea the singer refused for years. And Young insists that DeYoung was hellbent on going solo, no matter how hard he tried to put the band back together.

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Is Tommy Shaw a good guitarist?

Fortunately, Styx soon found their man in Tommy Shaw, a seasoned but previously unknown guitarist /songwriter who had played in a local Chicago band with the unlikely handle of MSFunk. Although they recognised Tommy as a great guitarist / vocalist and a dynamic performer, they weren’t aware of his song writing ability.

Is Tommy Shaw still with Styx?

In between his stints with Styx, he has played with other groups including Damn Yankees and Shaw Blades as well as releasing several solo albums.

Tommy Shaw
Years active 1967–present
Associated acts Styx, Damn Yankees, Shaw Blades, MSFunk, the Smoke Ring


Did Tommy Shaw leave Styx?

Despite the band’s enormous success, Shaw was often ill at ease as a member of Styx. But that part obviously baffled me.” Shaw ultimately quit Styx by storming off stage in the middle of a concert during the ill-fated ‘Kilroy Was Here’ tour.

Who died from Styx?

John Panozzo, former drummer for the rock band Styx, has died of gastrointestinal bleeding linked to excessive use of alcohol, the coroner’s office said Wednesday. Panozzo, 47, was found unconscious in his Chicago home and died early Tuesday.

What does Styx stand for?

Styx, in Greek mythology, one of the rivers of the underworld. The word styx literally means “shuddering” and expresses loathing of death. In Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, the gods swear by the water of the Styx as their most binding oath.

How many original members are still in Styx?

A number of reunion plans failed during the late 1980s, but in 1990 four of Styx ‘s five members did manage to get back together again. Prior obligations prevented Shaw from joining the group, so singer/guitarist Glen Burtnik was asked to take his place.

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Is Styx in the Hall of Fame?

The Scorpions put up a good fight, but their sting wasn’t enough to defeat the blue-collar might of Chicago’s veteran rock renegades. With nearly 66 percent of the vote, Styx have officially been inducted into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame.

How did Styx get its name?

Soon after, the group opted to change its name once more, this time to Styx, named after a river from Greek mythology that ran through “the land of the dead” in the underworld. The song was soon issued as a single nationwide, and quickly shot to number six on the singles chart, as Styx II was certified gold.

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