Question: What Blue October Song Is On Rock Band?

Why did CB Hudson leave Blue October?

Brant Coulter was chosen as lead guitarist, however he left the band in late 2000 when Blue October was dropped from Universal Records. At the end of the Approaching Normal tour, C.B. Hudson announced he was leaving the band to focus on raising a family and pursuing his dream of owning a recording studio.

Where did the band name Blue October come from?

Blue October is an alternative rock band that came from Houston, Texas. The band’s name was inspired by a stay in a hospital that lead vocalist Justin Furstenfeld had to make. Furstenfeld suffered from bipolar disorder for most of his life, saying that “I’m not a danger to myself (anymore).”

What is Blue October worth?

Blue October Net Worth 2020 Blue October’s revenue is $15.8K in 2020. It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $14.7K – $19.5K.

Who is the lead singer of Blue October?

Justin Furstenfeld grew up in Houston and, for more than 25 years, has been the songwriting force and lead vocalist for the band Blue October, which has had sixteen Top 40 singles in that time with songs like Hate Me and Into the Ocean.

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Is Blue October an emo?

It was a hugely emotional and personal song complete with a chorus meant to be lodged in your head for days. Though it seemed to slide the band right into the emo genre, they never did find a place among emo acts of the day like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, or AFI. Blue October was different.

Who writes songs for Blue October?

Justin Furstenfeld
Genres Rock
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Associated acts Blue October The Last Wish Harvard of the South Harvest 5591

What happened to the band Blue October?

On October 22, 2009, Blue October announced that the rest of their tour had been canceled due to Furstenfeld suffering a severe mental anxiety attack. But all of sudden Blue October got really big, really quick. In the middle of all that happening, I got married and had a child. “My daughter ended up changing my life.

What was Justin from Blue October addicted to?

Furstenfeld’s troubles included addiction to drugs and alcohol, a painful divorce and a fierce child custody battle. Understandably, these circumstances and events found their way into his music, sometimes producing less-than-uplifting themes.

How old are the members of Blue October?

The 20-year- old band, which consists of brothers Justin and Jeremy Furstenfeld, Ryan Delahoussaye, Matthew Ostrander and Matt Noveskey, was a local mainstay for several years, playing Austin and Houston clubs until breaking out with its third album, History For Sale, and 2006 single “Hate Me.”

How many songs does Blue October have?

Blue October discography
Video albums 2
Music videos 20
EPs 2
Singles 25
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When was Blue October formed?

Blue October formed in the Houston area in 1995, with the brothers Justin Furstenfeld as frontman and Jeremy Furstenfeld on drums.

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